she calls me cuz she wants me.

i answer cuz i want her too. life isn’t that easy though. life is all about these stupid little corners that we paint ourselves into.

life is all about worrying more about how things look if we do something as opposed to doing the things that we want and being honest with the people around us.

i remember a long long time ago, the first time i ever pitched the idea of a blog to a major company.

this particular company had heard of me, and when i sent them my proposal they invited me into a big room. it was just two people and me. and they told me that they couldn’t do a blog because their technical experts were against it. and i thought to myself, who runs your site, you or the IT department?

i didn’t say it because life is also about being polite.

i remember thinking that day that if the egyptians had asked the builders of the pyramids and the sphinxes if they thought it was possible, they would have said no fucking way dude and gone back to making hieroglyphics and figuring out ways to make themselves irrelevant in modern times.

no offense to my friends in the IT departments around the world. my true love is the director of an IT department of one of the last dot coms standing. in fact at the xbi i am good friends with many of the geniuses in our IT department.

but when was the last time that the IT department went up to their own website and said, lets try this, it will improve userbility. lets do this, its the wave of the future. how about this, it will double your hits in a month. and even if there are a few proactive IT deptartments, is that really their jobs?

again, no offense to the bright minds of the IT departments everywhere, but if the construction workers had a vote in what the architect had to say, very few cool buildings would ever get put up.

if i ran a web site, other than this one, and the secret girls-only one, and I had an IT department who either wouldn’t let me do something technically so simple that a homeless guy could do it, because they couldn’t do it or were too proud to accept help, id probably fire them and i don’t know, hire people who could make me a website in the waning days of 2004 that could have something as basic as a blog.

but then again we have a country who has a retard in office and we’re reluctant to fire that guy too.

rumsfeld didn’t get fired over the iraqi prison abuse, nobody got fired over 9/11, nobody got fired over the florida ballot debacle.

you know who gets fired today?

phil jackson got fired. winningest coach in the nba.

shaquille o’neal got fired. most dominating center in basketball.

both are gone because a selfish adulterer has no vision and thinks he can do it all himself.

nobody can do it by themselves.

we all need help.

usually someone thinks up a crazy idea, someone funds it or makes it happen, it gets done, and everyone celebrates.

or the opposite happens: minutiae, stagnation, deterioration, obsolescence, and then ultimately defeat.

don’t let this happen to your company

don’t let this happen to your country

and hot chicks, don’t let this happen to your lust life.

she calls me cuz she wants me but she’s painted herself into a corner.

get out of that corner, hot chick.

theres a reason youre calling me.

and theres a reason that one day i wont call you back.

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