there are two good-sized group blogs in LA and

sadly, they are fighting.

laist says that they are getting more hits, and therefore they win.

they have a hi-tech graph to prove it. has a graph to prove that they have retained some sort of sense of humor.

the best part so far was when jason defillippo (inventor of blogrolling, co-creator of tried to post the following comment about the stats on, but they had just turned off their comments

No, I don’t think they’re accurate. I think they’re a piece of shit. They were posted to the site to give us a baseline for our internal tracking. They show less than a third of our actual visits per day. And don’t give me this light hearted bullshit. When you have the nerve to post “yep- it does sort of rub their nose in it. i’m comfortable with that!” it’s not light hearted anymore. Fuck it, it never was. You have a problem with us, fine. You think you’re better than us, fine. You call us out publicly well then expect us to get pissed. What is it with you “ist” people and this superiority complex? Pardon me. I am going to go have a nice cool glass of lemonade now and forget you exist.

so which side is the busblog on?

as someone who hasnt even gotten close to the technorati 100, i can tell you first hand that hits dont mean shit 🙂

however, laist does put me on the top of their blogroll while, which regularily links to the busblog does not have me on their permanant blogroll.

actually i hope they keep fighting cuz its always best for the readers when “competitors” cause a little drama in the city of angels/

la observed + + la voice are all following this story nicely

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