the best of october

on the busblog

10/1 hi october

10/1 the day i pitched my brilliant idea and they were all, nah

10/2 sixth funniest picture of the year

10/3 racing and rolling and twisting and coming and digging and rocking and whining and running. she and her best friend she and her girl friend she and her stick pin she and her whip ing. she said im here i said good she said im turning i said good. said im drunk i said good. said im ready said you wish.

boom went her jet pack zip went her full back snap went the garters cha sneezed the sleestack.

there was banging and smashing and clattering and flattering. i saw hairflings and backflips and handprints and noserings. i smelled candies and passion and candles and beer. i tasted butterscotch and chocolate and teenage lust and fear.

10/4 she calls me cuz she wants me. i answer cuz i want her too. life isn’t that easy though. life is all about these stupid little corners that we paint ourselves into.

life is all about worrying more about how things look if we do something as opposed to doing the things that we want and being honest with the people around us.

10/4 ev retires at 26

10/5 “how to vote” gets turned into a short film!

10/5 yes, i have the hottest lawyer in LA

10/5 they’re cracking, america.

in the wake of getting his retarded ass kicked last week by sen. kerry in the debate, today the bush administration announced that the president will have a speech with the nation on wednesday to set the record straight.

which pretty much is a vote of no confidence in the vice president who is scheduled to debate sen. edwards in a few hours.

10/6 dick gets shafted in the vp debates, claims he had never met edwards. instapundit somehow finds people who still say he won, and, omg, links them!

10/6 the busblog sells out

10/6 rodney dangerfield dies

10/6 the Chief US weapons inspector, on assignment from the white house writes a 1,000 page report saying that iraq had no weapons of mass destruction since the early 90s, and weren’t making any.

right wing blogs respond by saying, “uh.”

instapundit does what he normally does when theres bad news for his boys: clams up. clammed up about the debates too, especially when bloggers produced pictures of cheney and edwards at a couple of events together.

10/7 i promise to anna that i wont make any more fun of her and her gay fiance.

10/7 howard stern announces that he will move to Siris radio

10/7 hot pic of danielle being hot

10/8 the best political photo essay of all time

10/9 dumb quiz that wasnt so dumb

10/9 she came over and got ready and changed the sheets to clean ones and filled the sink with rose petals and girlie scents spinkled the hallway with moonshadows and lipstick traces. had lasagne baking in a stove unused since years back when jeanine and chris made redneck maccaroni with velveta and trader joes wheat noodles.

10/10 lost, the tv show, review

10/10 the month of libra

10/11 superman dies

10/11 and fight. its funny.

10/11 the mission accomplished sign causes bushie more problems. nobody cares.

10/12 vote for change concert review

10/12 exclusive interview with karisa right before the famous redsox/yankees playoff series

10/12 britney wears my Seize The Ass cap that i got her for kwanza

10/13 the busblog readers help me with law problems

10/14 every major poll had kerry winning the debates. one blogger said he lost. i’ll give you two hundred thousand guesses as to who that pundit was.

10/14 bill o’reilly gets caught with his pants down and with his penis-shaped vibrator a-buzzin

10/14 jim gilliam creates The O’Sexxxy Factor

10/15 gays defend kerry for bringing up the fact that the vp’s daughter is gay. cuz it is, you know, a fact.

10/16 yet another interview

10/17 jon stewart gets on crossfire and calls bullshit on everyone

10/17 my visit to danielles new oasis

10/18 the instapundit finally admits to the world that he is biased, voting for bush, and prickly when pushed. ends by telling me to sod off in his three-point disclaimer that he has since buried cuz hes ashamed to admit that hes a repub.

while waiting for the bus, i rebut with 15 other points that he should have added to his list, in the name of transparency.

i win.

10/19 the attention brings about so many questions about blogging + partisanship & bias that i answer my dear readers’ question in my public forum. like good bloggers often do.

10/19 a reader sums up the whole thing far better than i ever could.

10/20 the washington post prints my rebutal to the instapundit.

i told you, i won.

10/20 pre-write of game 7 between the sox and the yannks

10/20 how to leave a comment




10/22 a hot chick who i wanna get with tells me to knock it off with the all caps.

10/24 presidential recommendations. i let people know im voting for nader

10/24 party pics from my bday

10/25 yes i have the greatest friends

10/25 snl you ignorant slut

10/26 me and wil wheaton become the best friends ever

10/26 50 bands that snl should hire instead of ashlee simpson

10/27 howard stern suprises michael powell with a phone call

10/28 1. why do sexy chicks put the crucifix between their tits

2. why do people tell me that id get more hits if id capitalize. why does every woman think shes fat. why does every man think hes gotta be a millionaire superhero knowitall genius

10/27 red sox reverse the curse

10/28 the case against california’s three strikes law

10/28 the face of the republican party

10/28 an expert at nasa says bush was wired

10/29 kimmmmmmmmy

10/29 some love from Canada

10/30 we were getting shot at today. a saturday!

i hardly ever have to work saturdays and here i was on the wrong side of an assault rifle.

in my earpeice during some silence my partner whispered:

why dont you ever say how fucking fucked up this xbi shit is on your gayass fucking fucked up fucking baaaa-looooooooog.

and i thought about it and i just shrugged my shoulders and picked off a perp on the roof above a dumpster who


into the garbage,


10/30 even osama disses our president

10/31 courtney love & juliette lewis concert review

guiness and poker + krix + verbungle + how to whine

the best of september ’04

on the busblog

9/1 the bush twins speak at the rnc convention. and then never ever again.

9/2 tony, you ignorant slut

9/2 zell miller challenges america to a duel

9/3 the metafilter kids pick apart sen miller

9/3 charlies 23rd birthday

9/4 why the cubs should fire their announcers. (many months later they took me up on my advice)

9/6 why the trend for ads on every blog is bad

9/7 id work for her. id pick her up and driver around in the wee hours of the night time.

if she didnt want to talk then we wouldnt talk. if she said lets just listen to mr kfi then id listen to mr kfi. if she said god this sucks dont you have any music, i would plug my ipod into the aux jack and give her 6,000 songs worth including full episodes of howard commersh free.

9/7 the vice president isnt afraid to say it, “vote for me or die, fuckers.”

america responds with a terrified, “mmmm kay.”

9/8 bad day for bush: world says they dont want him, gay repubs say they dont want him, military record questioned

9/9 raymi returns

9/9 karisa’s nfl preview

9/10 lots of people want me to run for president. i dont blame em.

9/12 hero movie review

9/12she said why do you believe in God

i said i dont know.

9/13 how to vote

9/13 beastie boys pre-write

9/13 biggest issue i have with the current administration is that they seem to want us to live the lives of the pussy ass bitches

instead of setting the tone as the courageous american leaders that we are.

the typical cycle of mundane human existence is generally (1) fight for what you want, (2) get it, (3) and then hold on to it as tightly and fearfully as you can.

rodents follow the same patterns.

enlightened human beings who chose to actually live their lives can shed their natural inclinations and say to themselves,

“oh look how far i made it actually working for what i have… i dont need to live in a place of fear that some lesser creature can steal what i have and leave me with zero forever.”

courageous people know that they can just yank back what was rightfully theirs.

today i invite you to yank back your courage, america.

9/14 beastie boys concert review

9/14 rarely do i vent on my blog. this is the exception.

9/15 interview with my favorite magazine, Black Webmaster

9/16 dear avril,

9/16 another ramone gone

9/17 dear mom,

9/20 jason ross wins an emmy

9/20 how to make the emmys better

9/21 family bonds hbo premiere review

9/21 how to avoid getting raped in jail

9/22 interview with my home computer

9/22 big brother season premiere review

9/22 always tell the truth in job interviews

9/22 more answering machine messages

9/22 calling out dusty baker

9/23 jon stewart meets bill o’reilly

9/23 handwritten note on my door

9/23 star wars: battlefronts improvement ideas

9/24 pixies live at the greek theatre review

9/24 20 questions we wish they would ask the president at the debates. here are some examples:

6. How has your presidency compared to Clinton’s?

7. NBC news has reported that before the Iraq war you passed on three opportunities to attack the terrorist camps of Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who was based in the areas of Iraq that were not controlled by Saddam. Why did you not attack these camps when you had the chance, considering that he is now responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks against our forces in Iraq?

8. “Mr. President, in July of 2003 you said if anyone wanted to attack our troops in Iraq, they should bring it on. In March of this year you appeared at a reporters’ dinner and ran a video in which you jokingly stumbled around your office looking for weapons of mass destruction. Can you explain this behavior to the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq?”

9. Mr. Bush, what is 6 times 9?

9/24 something in here is true

9/25 should a man express his emotions on the web? anywhere online for that matter. or even on a personal journal of mysterious things?

perhaps we should experiment.

9/26 much love to the LA blogosphere

9/27 fine, the instapundit claims to be a moderate. great. if anyone can show me one day in the Instapundit’s illustrious career, where he spent one day spending more time criticising the Bush administration more than attacking the left

or if one can show me one time when the Instapundit criticized President Bush three posts in a row, then i will quit calling bullshit on his “but im a moderate” claims.

9/27 review of the tonight show’s 50th anniversary episode

9/28 meesh writes us after a loooong time away

9/28 ripoff fest at the lobster fest

9/28 raymi writes in

9/29 why jay leno shouldnt have fucked over david letterman

9/29 s.e. hinton meets her biggest fan

jarret house north + gus mueller + jack bog + gaping void