bob and i drove around hollywood

yesterday, taking in the sights. it was very nice.

a cuban beauty met us at the beverly center for pf changs but before we got there i was spotted on rodeo drive.

a polite cyclist saw me in the passenger’s side and said, tony pierce?

we conversed at the stop light and afterwards bob said, getting recognized on rodeo drive in beverly hills by adoring fans, tell me more about this blogging.

i’ll tell you about it. i’ll tell you that its 10:22am sunday morning and my computer is still in the shop and im typing to you from an internet cafe.

if bob only knew that the cyclist was a friend of karisas and not an adorning fan, however the fans represented yesterday via my po box.

someone sent me windows xp and an awesome ep of one of their friends’ band, one dude sent me some cubs baseball cards from the early 70s, and one dude copy and pasted all these semi-published and unpublished jd salinger stories grabbed some pictures of karisa and created a one-off book using the printers at the copy shop that he works at and mailed me a book called “twenty stories.”


last night i was up till 4am reading it. reading is a lost art in my house when the computer is present. im totally addicted. clipper girls cousin is quitting smoking cigarettes and talks about how hard it is. i cant imagine trying to quit the computer. even when i had carpal tunnel it was hard to slow down, though i did.

also in the mailbox were a boatload of matthew good cds. i never had heard his music and emailed his record label to inquire which ones i should consider and they sent me the whole catalogue. expect reviews shortly. but upon first listen of the latest cd i hear a whisper of matthew sweet, but harder edged. which is nice. sweet always seemed to be whining about something.

its gorgeous here in hollywood. seventies? perfect weather for watching snow-covered football fields.

i hope your favorite team wins.

unless youre from new england.


was i sleep deprived or was snl not so shitty last night? afterwards i got a super late night tap at the door and it was the academy who had forgotten to send me films to consider for the oscars.

tonight’s screening was james l. brooks’s Spanglish starring adam sandler and a penelope cruise lookalike.

the first 2/3rds of the movie was really great. but then tia leone got on my nerves and the plot fell apart.

my biggest problem was that all of the characters were so flat. people were just so extreme. the crazy people were super crazy and the angels were angels. james l should know better than that. and im now officially sick of adam sandler being anything other than obnoxious or stony.

just because he could pull off being perfect and charming in the wedding singer doesnt mean that you need to keep doing it in mr deeds, 50 first dates, and now spanglish. bring back the edge.

ban sidhe + radical georgia moderate + flagrant should start an s&l