how bout a poem?

run for the border“no one home but the stove and thats fixin to go out”

so who is this fair skinned boy with jacket so mellow

eyes lashed with dew drops and memories of finer times

he drinks so much pop hes gotta pee a lot

always a half burrito in the fridge and some new scratch hes

gotta itch

and i want you

my numbers in the book says she and smiles back so effortless

he looks like shit always has its almost a game now

he wants to be as fat as a cow

he wants to sleep all tangled with you

and he wonders where you are and what you do and what you


write him he lives in san francisco

hed rather read what you write

hed read your shit all night

its tough going through your second teenagehood

staying up all night getting in dumb fights

he said im gonna say this once and forever hold my peace

if you ask pretty please i’ll give you a peice

and love and lust are sitting dangling their feets


kissin cousins thrice removed and im gonna remove so much

youre gonna stare at the strokes and not see

theres no one here but me

and whats inside of me

burrito and love and pop and pee

annika + + whitey

hi huge boulder

as big as a telephone pole.

hi tony pierce

what are you doing?

getting stoned.

sweet. so dude, where did you come from?

up there.

yeah but how were you made? were you in the mountain, or on it, or what?

how was i made? a mommy boulder and a daddy boulder kiss, then a baby boulder is made. was i in the mountain? yes and no. see, im part of the mountain. mountains are made up of rocks. im a rock. prick me. dont i bleed?

there are really huge ass perfectly round boulders in mountains?


how do you get round?




so water runs around you and shapes you?

youre quick. yes, tony, water. not italian renaissance artists. water.

why did you come down off your mountain?


why did you stop here in the middle of the road?

i got tired. im 10,000 years old. i get winded quickly.

anything you want to say to the readers of the busblog before they blow you up?

yes. love each other. one day you might get smooshed driving back from the piggly wiggly by something bigger than a house.

cool. k thanks big huge boulder in the middle of the road.

peace out little blogger fella.

support your favorite georgian redhead + sk smith + raymi + adios karisas roommate

sometimes i’ll turn the headphones off

when im flying above the clouds and just let my own thoughts fill me for just a few minutes.

the kids back on earth arent so happy when i do this but its good to have a little me time when the shit gets especially hairy.

sometimes i think to myself, why am i here. not alive here but at the xbi here. sometimes i think theres a better something waiting for you, go get it.

sometimes i think what if theres a worse something waiting for me. nobody ever thinks that their future might be really horrible. but thats a possibility too.

but then i get back on earth and the bad guys are shooting at me with real live speeding bullets and i think, how could my future be any worse than this?

and the bullet that zips by me whispers, whats worse would be if i got you.

went into west hollywood last night and saw my buddy dylans band, shapes of race cars, who filled the place on a tuesday night in a swanky club where all the kids were so welldressed and beautiful that it seemed like a tv show.

the bartender made me the shortest baileys doubles but i rarely go out on a school night so i just had him setting me up with more so as to show my date for the night, who claimed that she could drink, that ive seen a few cocktails in my day.

in the mensroom a guy in a silver suit came up to me and said, if you want your mojo back meet me at the crazy bridge with a bag full of gold.

i stepped on his toe.

he said please remove your foot sir.

but i didnt. i looked at him. i memorized his eyes. the lines around his eyes. i looked at how his mouth was shaped. his teeth. dental work. i paid attention to how the hair grew in around his lips and cheeks.

he said youre creeping me out dude.

i said i didnt have any mojo in the first place but now i know who you are and i wont forget you and if you try to shake me down for anything, ever, i will fuck you up in strange and terrible ways.

and then i removed my foot and he tore ass out of the mens room like a cockroach when a light is switched on.

but yes, i do miss my mojo.

at least now i know its in safe hands.

i’d go get it tonight but i have to get karisa into the defamer party

and finish applying for grad school.

listen missy + mass live covers me covering ashleys bday + zulieka