“the baby nodded”

church. rock music. sex. drugs. you.

all these things are mixed inside,

churning, breathing, oozing seeping.

seeking for that right combo

and you know how you can tell when

ive had the right amount:

my hair.

sometimes its nicely proportionate

you look adorable in peppermint

sometimes it looks like dirty weeds

i was at Wal-Mart yesterday thinking

about how i will turn out as a parent

moms were pussyfooting around with their precious angels

and the dads werent putting up with jack

id say junior hand daddy that baseball bat

are you buying that for us poppa

no im going to beat you better yet

go over to the gun section and get me a single

pump rifle and either you shut up and just

look at the merchandise like good children

or point and scream at what you want

and i will try to shoot your little pointy finger

and if i hit you, well, you lose

but if i miss then i will buy the item

your little heart desires.

i think i’ll have good kids.

i think i’ll raise the type of kids who’ll either

understand all

or grow up planning my death with such detail

and creativity that even i’ll be

proud to have sired them.

born on a whim.

the lightbulb is dim.

shes dancing and smiling and motioning and drinking gin

all the red auras of yesterday are sinking in

grateful dead matriarch smoking dope in peoples park

in oakland its another thing

in chinatown a man named Ding

and you expect me to understand

i do i dont i give a damn

i was aiming at your finger Sally but i picked off

the babies hand the babies hand oh god a doctor

i shot the babies hand

well he was pointing my oldest said

and stinking up and crying, dad

whats fair is fair my girl agreed

the baby nodded and looked at me.

a twenty something life + soxaholix + danielle is back

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