barter control

mohammed wears these little knit caps

not like the gang members whose caps are

blue and black

sloppy and snarling

ominous in their coverage

mohammeds is grey

with little white patterns

folded up where it oughtta be.

his son’s name is mohammed and about thirty

and works the register while dad wears old sweaters

keeps his arms crossed and back to

the pepsi fridge and

watches the transactions take place.

i havent brushed my teeth today.

last night i asked mohammed if they had

a frequent buyer program

for the beer.

i like to joke a little.

but we buy black label and its like

seven bucks for a twelve pack

bud is nine bucks.

mohammed says

no my friend

and you can see the he hasnt

brushed his teeth today


bunnie + waking up in amsterdam + galitechnia + red room

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