Blog awards

im not a huge fan of Blog awards. probably cuz i never win. and also probably because theyre glorified popularity contests.

with that said, i am always thrilled to be nominated, as cheesy as that sounds.

to be nominated, as i currently am, alongside Mr. Wil Wheaton, Dooce, Zach Braf, and Real Live Preacher (and others who i am unfamiliar with) is a huge honor. especially in the category of “Best Big-Name Blog”.

(until i break the technorati top 100 i will have a hard time considering myself a big-named blogger.)

anyway, a dear reader suggested that i let everyone know that i am nominated for a BOB

and another reader asked me to let people know that i can be nominated for the 2005 Bloggies

and you know i love to fulfil requests when ever possible.

if i do win, all prizes, monies, backrubs will be donated to charity, so vote or dont vote, all that matters to me is that you, the reader, are happy with what you see on this blog every day. to me thats recognition enough.

Tsar plays tomorrow night at King King in Hollywood in Hollywood Blvd near highland

blogging will be light today as i am about to go to the dentist for some major work guaranteed to make me look like less of a dope

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