dear music execs,

fuck you. this is why people steal.

there was nothing better last night than hearing the entire Orange Bowl boo ashlee simpson.

nobody cares that 3 million kids bought her cd. nobody cares that her sister is a baloney headed mostly hot bleach blonde. nobody cares that she actually sang this time.


and as much as that orange bowl crowd were booing her they were booing you. you who wouldnt know real music if it annulled your gay marriage.

you have done everything you could do for ashlee. you got her an mtv show that nobody liked. you got her on saturday night live which everyone loved because it showed her/you for what the industry is (fraudulent), and now you got her singing at halftime during the biggest college football game of the year.

youve done your job, youve moved your units


how about bringing the world what it wants. rock music. people who can sing. people who can play guitars. people who actually make music.

you dont think that if you got a real band a show on mtv that it would move some fucking units?

you dont think if you got that band on snl and they smashed their guitars and gangbanged horatio sans that it might increase sales?

you dont think if you got a true rock band on the 50 yard line during the BCS Bowl that the entire stadium would omg cheer?

fuck you record industry. purveyor of schmaltz. sugar pusher of audio cavities from spineless teensluts who DONT PUT OUT.

and three baggers like ashlee deserved to be booed until she gets it.

if there was a way to boo you, record industry trust us, we would.

and in hell you will be forced to listen to what you shat our way.

elgin roots + george must go + rock n roll n word

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