highlights from may 04

on the busblog

5/1 review of the secret pixies pre-coachella show in pomona

5/4 interview with karisa on her birthday

5/5 advice for the leggy ladies of la

5/5 everything i know about sex i learned from anna kournikova

5/6 grab the book nearest you

5/7 i cannot imagine a more easy choice in november than to kick george bush off american idol, and if no one wants to be the simon cowell and cross their arms and say




in a way that people get it, and agree, then the democrats dont deserve to exist any more

5/8 in case you missed it, the secretary of defense donald rumsfield got his righteous ass handed to him on capital hill yesterday.

5/9 me and karisa go to a lakers + spurs playoff game

5/9 best survivor ever

5/10 blogger support saves my ass again

5/11 tenth best picture of the year

5/13 anticipating my annual xbi review

5/14 derek fisher hits that three pointer against the spurs

5/14 people are talking about moveable type when they should be talking about how for every good mt blog theres a blogspot blog that kicks its ass.

so smart and yet forget that it starts with the writing.

and it ends with the writing.

5/16 the best thing about last night’s saturday night live season finale is the promise that it was jimmy fallon’s last show.

the problem wasnt that he was gay.

the problem was that he was gay and not funny.

and he tried to rip off and replace adam sandler.

in a gay way.

5/17 a live chat with eBay support

5/18 why i write by tony pierce

(inspired by a photograph of salman rushdie’s miss universe-worthy fiance)

5/19 bad news: even though i had a great year, the xbi gives me a negative review

5/19 good news: the new york times interviews me for a story about blogging

5/20 why spelling doesnt matter

5/21 i introduce the honest-bloggers quiz. many take it. exactly the ones who you expect to avoid it, avoid it.

5/23 on a blog post about blogger burnout

7. The “Master Bloggers,” whoever you think those may be, are strange in the first place. mr. cowen writes. and i would tend to agree. although i dont get enough hits to consider myself a master blogger, i admit to being strange in the first place. and prolific is just a polite way to say obsessive in the same way reclusive is a nice way to say shut-in, the same way eccentric is just a spin on saying rich ‘n’ crazy. although no one ever calls james brown, mike tyson, or michael jackson eccentric so maybe it doesnt apply if youre black (or were black).

5/24 its funny how money moves you places. its funny how we allow it all to happen to us and pretend like we dont have any choice other than to follow the end of the rainbow.

5/24 i first met miss spain universe, mar’a jesos ruiz garz-n, in a topless tapas joint in madrid in january 2000.

5/26 life, just like dating, just like most things, is about going out there with your big fat black bat and beating people over the head with it and dragging home what you can. you can be nice all you want but opportunity rarely knocks, youve got to knock it over and sink your teeth in and take a huge bite.

how do you think we got america.

5/26 i was mentioned in the new york times

5/27 prince concert review at staples center

5/27 why the ny times didnt mention my age

5/27 Riggs Bank, the #1 story that the Instapundit ignored in 2004

5/27 the value of kisses

5/28 the day i sang for raymi

5/30 who told the pope we gave a fuck what he thinks?

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