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zulieka, today writes about being referred to about being Asian, and wonders if i get weirded out by being deemed a Black blogger.

great question zulieka!

no i dont mind being called a Black blogger because here on the web its very difficult to see colors and sometimes it would be great if we never saw them and sometimes it’s important.

there are still negative sterotypes and misconceptions about race. i feel very proud about this blog. if this blog can break down negative connotations that are sometimes hurled upon the african american experience or africian americians in general then awesome. some of those might be that we’re dumb, that we’re uneducated, that we’re lazy, that we dont know anything about computers, that we’re only interested in sports and tap dancing.

true those are old school stereotypes but theyre still lingering out there and if i can be one of many who can prove by example that its no longer the case then great.

also, i think its important that this blog be known as being written by a Black american man because there are a lot of people who dont have any Black friends or who dont have any Black columnists writing in their newspaper or who dont see Blacks on the daily other than when they put on MTV.

well, you have one here. every damn day. i know i dont sound like ice cube when i write, i know i dont look like dr. dre, and i know i dont dance like sammy davis, but i am just as Black as they are and i look at the world much more through their perspective than you probably think.

for example, when i see guys like Randy Moss getting fined, the first thing that comes up to me is racism. when i see bumblefucks like Dubya running the nation and studs like Gen. Powell feel the need to step down, the first thing i think of is this is a racist fucking nation.

and when i see that some companies dont take Martin Luther King Jr. Day off i get a little irritated cuz whats up about not taking MLK day off?

no, im not a homie from the hood cruising in my 6-4 but i was called racist names in school and when i beat those motherfuckers up i said say it again say it again say it again fuckr.

and the next day they got a bunch of kids to hold me as they said it again and beat my ass.

so yes im Black and im proud and this is a black americans blog.

the web is great cuz we are judged mostly on what we write and how we write it, but the people who do the blogging have backgrounds that helped form them.

and mine is not the same as most.

zulieka + sk smith + my beautiful wife celebrated a birthday this weekend, shes 24

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