its ashleys birthday on tuesday

and if you dont remind me i might forget. not for any reason other than i have the worst memory in the world.

id like to give her a gift but i dont know what she would want.

if i had a bunch of cash id probably get her a pink ipod if she doesnt have one already. but maybe thats something her man oughtta be getting her. who knows these days.

tammara over at tells the all-too-familiar tale of going out and finding that she has go dutch on a date.

at bonnie and charlies shower i revealed to some close friends that i am working on a book called “how to handle yo bitches”

rule number 2 is pay for everything.


theres a reason why men get paid $1.65 for ever $1 a woman makes, so that we can buy things for them. especially dinner and drinks. dont be a pudtz.

and when you do pay, if she mentions it, change the subject. only republicans talk about money. and everyone knows republicans talk about money because they dont know the first thing about talking about sex. cuz they get none.

pay for the meal, hide the total, hide the generous tip, if they insist tell them they can pick up the valet.

or a pint of ben and jerrys for dessert. wink wink.

rule number three is lick that shit every day.

its gonna be a best seller.

i cant believe ashleys gonna be twenty three. my does time fly. people send me her pictures when she updates and she doesnt look much different from when i met her many moons before. long before blogging.

it appears that she and award winning director mcg are damn near on a a first name basis. thats nice.

one thing i dont understand about her generation is that they dont let their girlfriends date their exes. whats up with that? its almost as if theyd rather their closest friends have to sift through rotten dudes instead of saying “im taken, so heres my old boyfriends number. he likes it when you wear skirts.”

my friends have swapped loves so many times sometimes you forget who was with who first. and as you can see below, everyones happy.

i guess the trade off is the younger generation will go down on you without blinking an eye, so i suppose we’ll just have to respect our differences and learn to live with each other.

maybe i’ll post a few more pictures of her up here today and tomorrow since i know the busblog’s her favorite web destination.

we’ve always had that in common.

when she turned 21 + last years birthday + a chat regarding gwen

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