next to me and drew

gwen stefani in hot water

ashleys favorite person in the world is ms gwen stefani.

meaning that when ashley was dating me we went to hella no doubt concerts.

which isnt so bad, deep down.

if you dont pay too much attention to the music, its not bad. i mean you have gwen up there wearing close to nothing, then you have all these cute young gurls dancing around dressed like her, and then theres ashley orgasming basically during and after each song.

the no doubt fans can be a little obsessive. but nothing is sadder than a dude nd fanatic. those i tried to stay away from. but they knew the angle. it was the same as mine: be there – you will get hugged and kissed by all the chicks who are in ecstacy.

once we saw no doubt for free at this little theatre in westwood. the wadsworth theatre. it was for a taping of a “concert” that they were doing on abc family.

we were as close to the stage as your screen is to you right now.

i was all, gwen looks a little chubby.

i was kidding but she did have a tiny belly.

that was the beginging of the Rock Steady tour.

a year and a half later we were at the long beach arena. one of the last shows of the tour and that cute little ponch was gone.

now, if you ask me, shes a little too skinny.

gwen too.

thus ends the ashley* princess birthday day special three way busblog tribute.

if you read this today ashley i hope you have a happy birthday and i hope this blog will make you smile.

i loved being your boo for all those years.

its been great to watch you grow up both in person and in pictures.

i know you think i hate you and dont think about you and dont want to get with you but none of the above is true.

youre very special to me, even if youre not with me physically.

i called your work today at the state department and told the lady to leave a little post-it on your office door that says tony says happy birthday.

and i called your sister in vegas just incase you were there for the tail end of the porn awards scoring some schwag for me for my birthday.

much love and busblog kisses.

ashley self portrait + god she was young + ashleys photoshop skillz in full effect

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