the nfl is racist

they should just admit it.

all these bans on “endzone celebrations” is an attack on the african american experience. straight up. emphasis on the african.

go to africa. people dance. people dance for all reasons. people dance at funerals, weddings, births, rain,

and sometimes they dance after they catch a long pass and score on the frozen tundra at their arch enemy’s field.

randy moss caught a long pass and ran over to the goal post, pretended to moon the fans in the endzone and then did a little dance.

the white commisioner of the nfl, a man who probably dances like your grandpappy has continually tried to take the african part out of the african american celebration that gives the nfl the soul that is warmly embraced by the paying customers.

even the nfl liscensed video games recreate the celebrations, high steps, fun bunch high fives, and deon sanders and icky shuffles.

but if a brotha does it in real life he’s called disgusting by one white announcer, cheered by the other, and fined by the commish for $10,000.

for a fake mooning?

how much for a real mooning then?

and when will we have an african american commish in sports? one who once played and faught and understood the struggle and understand the culture?

its one thing to hire so many Blacks, but whats up with trying to strip them of their blackness, their soul, their joy?

randy moss caught that pass on a bum leg, on the road, against a better team and wanted to rub it in the faces of the fans who booed him and taunted him. he didnt go into the stands, he didnt date their daughters, he didnt take money out of their pockets

all he did was break their hearts and imitate bart simpson

so why you gotta hate the brotha?

as the kids say and i will tweak

dont hate the player

hate the lame.

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