raymis got rockstars wives

making fan signs for her.

and right now andy dick is on rodney on the roq.

rodney is the very shy, older, mop topped godfather of modern rock, and secret weapon of kroq 106.7 fm here in los angeles.

dj who discovered all the great bands that mattered: ramones, blondie, talking heads, gogos, depeche mode, smiths, duran duran, etc and played them for all the little boys and girls of la and the valley.

andy dick sounds high and drunk and gay but has a young woman over at his house. he called in to rodneys show and theyre reminicing about some of the times that they hung out.

rodney has a high voice and always sounds like hes asking a question.

he begins most of his statements with anyway.

anyway that was the 5,6,7,8’s, the spazzies, and surfer rosa. and andy dick is on with us…

andy talks about how many kids he has and how he thinks about celebs and their kids.

rodney tells us that tom waits has a pretty daughter.

andy says i have three kids. did you know that?

then he says, how many kids do you have rodney?

rodney laughs, none.

andy says, that you know of. That you know OF!

rodney says, no no.

andy says, havent you met a lot of girls?


and didnt you have sex with a lot of them?

rodney sounds verrry uncomfortable. which is his normal inflection, but now he sounds reaaaly verrrry uncomfortable.

he says, yes.

andy says, well did you always use a rubber or something?

rodney says, yes, i think its that im just very shy. you know.

which is funny because since the late 70s hes been teaching

the kids

what good music really is.

andy dick has three kids

rodney on the roq has millions.

all because he was shy,

but not too shy to get on the mic.

so get on the mic mike cuz you know you eat shellfish

omg goodbye + sigh club (pictured) + a dirty girl in a farmhouse

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