sometimes i think i should just skateboard over to toronto

bop raymi on the head, and drag her back here to hollywood. but im not the right man for her.

something tells me that shes not one of those girls who are all, hey lets see whats on tv tonight and veg out on the couch holding hands.

ice cube was on david letterman last night and paul and the band played the horn section from the courtroom intro of “gangsta gangsta” from straight outta compton and ice cube just smiled and pretended not to hear it

and i kept waiting for dave to say,

now, ice cube, dont you think its ironic that you were running around as Amerikkkas Most Wanted not that long ago and now you’re starring in a movie about a guy driving a car with a bunch of screaming kids in the back.

dont you think its weird that the Nigga Ya Love To Hate is wearing a red tshirt with the logo for the movie title on it, while on the david letterman show hyping a flick where you’re basically playing a Black clark griswold?

you, the brotha who wrote “no vaseline”

with a match and a little bit of gasoline.

but dave never asked anything like that.

ice cube just pretended that hes always been this laughing happy dad in the suburbs

and dave just pretended that ice cube is just this warm fuzzy dude

with no history

no ties to dr dre eazy e mc ren or yella.

didnt chant about being a gorrila in the mist.

doesnt have incredible clips of minister louis farrakhan on his solo records.

everyone was just smiling like soon the bags of money were going to be handed out to the man who acted the most clueless.

there was a time when mr david letterman

and mr ice cube had an edge.

this is not that time.

razyboy gives me props + run jen run + raymi

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