they introduced him as the honorable

president of the united states. and with that lie begins the second term of a much needed abortion.

george w. bush has taught us a lot. you can be a failure and still get a good job. you can be a druggie and survive. you can be a drunkard and have people respect you. but most of all we learned that more than half of this country really has no clue. and theyre far more afraid than we thought.

dubya has taught us that logic has its time and place, and politics has no place for it.

dubya has taught us that honest communication, intelligence, integrity, morals, and responsibility really do take a back seat to money power and greed just like the smelly hippies told us at school.

in his first term we learned that yes you can go to war for false reasons, you can have a fucked up war, it can cost billions more than expected, it can cost far more lives than expected, and if the war was presented by the grand old party then everythings kool and the gang.

the hand goes up and waves before the eyes of all tomorrows parties and it whispers these are not the droids you are looking for.

im old but im young at heart. im old but my memory fails me. i dont remember a time when i have been more disappointed in my country than the day they reelected the biggest jackhole since pauly shore.

life isnt fair and then you die.

so you need to pay attention to how you lived.

did you live like a pussy ass bitch flinching at phantoms in the shadows

did you lie your way up the ladder and deceive the trusting and withhold from those who asked honest questions?

did you truly trust in the Lord or did you use His name in vain only to help make yourself look better?

did you own up to your failings, have a plan to do things differently next time, and work as a team, or did you exclude, attack, and blame?

theres a lot you can learn from a dummy.

make sure to take some notes.

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