king king
hollywood, ca

tsar is my favorite band.

last night was the first night that tsar did not feature their lovable bass player jeff solomon.

they had a new guy in there who won the right to audition with LAs best rock band.

how did he do? well i think he did ok, but theres no replacing a guy like solomon.

karisa and i chose last night to see if we could go to a club, a bar, a show and not drink booze. since we’re superheroes we succeeded but it wasnt the most enjoyable experiment.

especially without one of the nicest guys in the world, mr solomon, who retired from the group to take care of his infant son.

i was tempted to write him today and say, what sort of rock star are you? since when does responsibility figure into the formula of glam punk?

but i didnt because hes fixing danielles laptop for free.

king king is a big spacious new club on hollywood blvd. theres a bar right in the center of the dancefloor. why people put bars in the center of the dancefloor is beyond me. the classy Derby does this too. as raymi would say pfffftttt.

the opening band wasnt bad. their drummer was really good.

karisa and i stood up against the wall outside and talked. shes the only person i know who could lose weight over Christmas. bitch.

her legs and ass were swimming in her pants. i asked her to spin around for me and then i said wheres your ass? she said, its there, trust me, its there. but i couldnt see it so i told her she is no longer attractive to me.

she dropped me off and as soon as i got in the house i called her cell phone and said, well maybe youre still a little attractive, but when that booty comes back gimme a call.

and yes the new tsar drummer wore a football helmet the whole show.

and one day i will remember bro’s name.

karen and jeanine were there + i think im drinking with sk smith and dan tomorrow + and lunch with dirtyfez?

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