you know my dentist is in beverly hills right?

yep. good news he’s a great dentist. bad news is hes a great beverly hills dentist. meaning i’m gonna have to start selling some more books pronto.

and probably start having ads.

all of this kills me.

i live such a quiet life you wouldnt even believe it. i walk to the subway, i take that to the bus. i walk to work. i save the world. then i take the bus home.

i havent lived beyond my means for years and years.

everything in my life is relatively predictable, financially, which is why i have been able to live off such meager means for so long and have mostly all the things that i want.

however in the next few months the dentist is going to do some expensive proceedures, and im going to have to start shopping for a car if i get accepted into grad school.


so heres what we’re going to do right now. right now we’re going to stop book sales through cafe press. theyve been great but the mad Christmas rush is gone and i can handle the book sales from here.

so heres the deal, the normal price for books was $19 plus shipping. i now have a limited amount of signed copies that i will sell for just five bucks more. so if you want an autographed How To Blog, just email me and tell me who to sign it to, where to mail it to, and i will send you a PayPal invoice. just know that the price will be $24 plus shipping.

maybe we can sell enough books to pay for this upcoming crown we’ve been working on for what seems like a year now.

as for the ads, i appreciate that you guys really dont care. i care though. and they’ll be there. they’ll be costly, but they’ll be there and theres not much i can say except i need to make a few extra bucks and i’ll try to do something smart like put them on photo essays and not all over the blog, although there will be a few here.


in a perfect world i would be flagrant‘s houseboy + chauffeur.

but life isnt fair.

this is also a good time to announce that there was a secret raffle and Chokey Chicken and Bicycle Mark both win autographed copies of How To Blog.

congrats fellas. just email me (busblog at gmail dot com) and give me an address to mail it to.

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