hi america

did you miss me? i missed you.

today was my first day at my new job. i was nervous as hell cuz this is a kickass company and they mean business.

i barely slept at all last night.

i was up till 3am waiting for rodney on the roq to play tsar and he didnt do it even after i called him up and he answered(!) and i made my request and he said he’d play it. maybe he couldnt find it.

then i kept waking up throughout the night seeing what time it was, then i got up early and put quarters in the meter and i took my shower and shaved my dumb bald head and made it into the office with enough time to take a disposable razor to my head for a few stray hairs behind the ears. thank god for 8 minute commutes.

everyone there is awesome. everyone is smart and young and selfmotivated and sharp and ontop of it. its insane.

i barely had time to check my gmail let alone take my two government mandated 15-minute breaks so i dont know what im going to do about this blog.

what i might do is write two things at night for a little while because i really should have lunch with the ladies (its pretty much an all-female workplace, other than the two IT dudes, im the only dude) because its really the only time for us to be semi-social. which means i cant blog at lunch.

maybe i can write two things at night and during the day i can put a picture up and have you write about it or give me requests about what i should write about when i get home at night.

problem is, i have homework!

i was in two meetings today with the owners. that never happens. one of them was just me and this other girl who brainstormed with them for what seemed like 10 minutes but was really an hour. it was awesome. i really wish that i had taken some marketing or advertising classes in school cuz im not sure what angle they want me to take my ideas. so tonight after i write this im going to give them 5-7 ideas about this one project – from different angles.

ive never had a more fun first day at work in my life.

and i love the fact that everyone swears.

but i promise you this blog may change slightly, but i will never give up on it. you have all given me so much and i want to give back. i will figure it out.

the pic above is of zulekia and child + matthew good podcast from last night + splink