in college i had two groups of friends

i had the nexus friends and i had my hippie friends.

the balance was amazing and i learned so much from each of them.

one of my best friends and roommates was chris, who was sorta like slash back in the day, he had long hair and skateboarded everywhere and was wild and he was awesome.

saturday we celebrated his birthday at his venice home. present were mc marc brown, our old pals mark and rob, alister jeffs, and a cast of a thousand adorable kids.

we ate buffalo burgers and avocados, we drank from kegs and reminisce.

this has certainly been a week of reminiscing.

i got to catch up with my buddy rob who i hadnt seen in years and i even made some podcasts that i might bore you with later this week.

theres no way i deserve any of these friends. theyre such good people. i get teased for being a Christian and believing in the Lord but if you walked in my sandals youd believe too because i really have been blessed over the years and if i ever seem unappreciative make sure to slap me.

and although the kids were cute as can be the other night made me a little happy that i dont have such responsibilities right now because its a lot of work and even though they turn out great i was super happy to just drive home, take off my shoes and pass out on the couch.

if it wasnt for the phone ringing at two am due to a prospective booty call i would have spent the rest of the night on that couch

instead i had to talk to a drunk girl who had just turned twenty two.

i was all baby you shouldnt come here, you shouldnt go anywhere, you should stay at your friend’s house and go to sleep there, the roads are filled with drunk drivers right now and that shit youve got is too hot to get smeared across the 101.

but some girls cant take no for an answer and she kept talking about taxis

and one day im going to invent a snoring machine that sounds like a man who has passed out while on the phone

because who knew all you had to do was fall asleep mid sentence and the happy little problem will just drift away.

today me and matt good did two podcasts

then i tore my house apart looking for this story i wrote about charles bukowski and ernest hemingway fishing on santa barbara pier, but i couldnt find it.

but at least now part of my house is clean.

jim gilliam + matthew good