dear tony,

this is my reaction to your posts on iraq crisis and w bush.
well, your president is not the smartest person in the world and makes mistakes. but think about his situation. he had to do something after 9/11.
his reaction was of course cowboy reaction, but it worked. taliban rules no more in afghanistan and iraq is under control of us.

nobody likes war, but sometimes war is better than bad peace.

i beleive, that countries like usa must play role of worlds cop. its their responsibility.

i live in a country which was sold to hitler by its allies at 1938 just to keep peace. it lasted just 1 year! hitler got all our border bunks and stuff and invaded our country 6 months later. took all modern weapons of our army and used it against poland and france later.

i dont care if saddam had wmd or not. i am sure he is one of the worst tyrans in history, murderer of hundreds of thousands. killer of his own people. i like to see him in jail in his homer simpson underwear. what a valuable message to all tyrans of the world. YOU ARE NOT UNTOUCHABLE!

i said nobody likes war. i hate to see dead or wounded civilians, especially kids. it often makes me cry.
but how many kids would this monster kill, if your soldiers wouldnt také his power.
i mean it is also about mathematics not just about emotions.

i hope weŽll live in perfect world one day with no wars and shit. but today we have to show our teeth, to insure the evil powers of this world we are not afraid of them.

i thank from my heart young american servismen and women to do it for us. your country spends tremendous financial resources and sends its youth to fight overseas to protect freedom of whole western civilization. i am glad that i can stay in home with my family and feel that my big american bro cares, as he cared during 41-89 when he saved world from fascism and bolshevism.

thank you america.


dear max i hate to break it to you but we’re not winning in iraq and we’re not winning in afghanistan.

we’re also not showing any other tyrants that they need to stop being tyrants.

if anything we have shown that iraq may have been better off with saddam in power as right now theres anarchy that we cant even control.

i dont know where youre getting your information but you need to click around the internet a little more than just the busblog.

the us has lost the iraq war

iraq at the gates of hell

does the us plan to be in iraq forever

us army planning on four more years in iraq

republican senator hagel says iraq looks like another vietnam

this president of ours, youre right, had to do something after 9/11, but what he did was start a trillion dollar war with a country that had no wmds, no ties to al queda, and was not responsible for 9/11.

he turned a terrible moment which had created the largest outpouring of support for the usa into what we have now which is a moment in time when we are currently despised by more nations than ever before.

there are times when we can show our teeth but we have to show them to the right people and we have not done that. there are times when we should dethrone tyrants but we chose the wrong tyrant.

the majority of the terrorists of 9/11 were saudi, a land of run by much more stronger tyrants than saddam and a country that most say are supplying the majority of insurgents. but we wont fight the real fight because bush is in bed with the saudis.

if anything we have proven that the us military, as strong as it is, cannot win battles alone, and the world is too smart to enter into wars that they know are unjust. this is not a world war. this is the us and the brits fighting a war that they lied about against a phantom enemy that did not attack us four years ago. we will continue to lose, and there will continue to be anarchy in that country until we get out of there and let the iraqi people stand up for themselves and determine their own future, which very well may be another dictator.

all george bush has done is kill hundreds of thousands of people, ruin our relationships with the war, and waste money we didnt have.

iraq cant even come together behind closed doors to agree on a constitution, let alone unite on their streets to ensure peace.

you say that you dont care if saddam didnt have wmds or not, but we do. here in america we dont think its a good idea to go to war over false information or get lied to about reasons to go to war.

perhaps you didnt read CNN on friday when former Sect of State cheif of staff said that his involvement of Colin Powell’s speech to the UN was the lowest point of his life. that was the speech where Powell said that one reason that we needed to go into Iraq was because they had wmds. you really should do yourself a favor and read that article because it shows you that the USA isnt just about being the bigger prick on the block but about having the same values that we claim others should have. otherwise we’re just another tyrant.

as george carlin recently said, if iraq needs a constitution they should use ours, cuz we’re not using it.

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