such a busy day today

and last night and all week.

just so that i dont forget. a year ago today all of you bought me my iPod and not only have i used it every damn day but i think of the readers of the busblog (as a whole, not just the ones who flowed) every time i see the inscription on the back. i am so grateful for this weird thing that we have and im stoked to have that ipod. it was probably the best gift ive ever demanded 🙂

weed update: ive been clean a sober for over a month now and its fine. i feel just as good today as i did the day i quit. i feel “normal” i feel clean and healthy. the only thing that i dont like are the dreams. i hate dreams and i know everyone said i just wasnt remembering my dreams, no, i didnt get them. its like three-ways with playmates: you know when youre having it, and i wasnt having them.

every night i wake up pissed off that i had a fucked up trippy or bizarre dream. im pissed because my life is fucked up and trippy enough i dont need to have weird scenarios play out in my head of hot tubs and old people and mansions and great food and weird peoples daughters if theyre really not happening.

i dont want to analyze my dreams because i dont even analyze my awake moments. got it? k. i hate that part of sobriety.

good news is my food bills have gone down and ive lost about 5 pounds. my jeans are falling off and my belly is shrinking. thats nice.

im also keeping my drapes open more so my plants are doing better.

enough about the updates.

coming very soon to Tonys Podcasts: real RSS synidications, part 2 of my interview with Raymi where we talk about drugs and sex, and a possible interview with Mrs. Matthew Good – Jenny Good who is a very cool chick and i think everyone will be happy to hear from her.

the busblog is rolling along, if not slowly and i wish i could promise you all that i would be able to be more productive but i wont make you promises i cant keep. so i appreciate your patience as i slouch towards bethlehem.


real world did the right thing last night and didnt bring the cams to bro’s mom’s funeral. i think theyve handled all of this very well. although i did wince when they aired his last phone convo with his mom. that was sorta rough and maybe over-the-top, but i guess he’s approved all of this. but last nights show was super somber.

however i love the fact that the black dude is not only super cool but he has been doing some very subltely excellent things. jason, your boys put a brotha in there who isnt crazy and im thankful.

big brother: i was hoping that howie would throw Maggie up there but i think ivette might get a suprise vote against her. i think it would be smart of howie et al to do the sneaky thing and make James promise promise promise to be on their side forever if they dont vote off his gf. i know you cant trust him, but can you trust The Friendship? i dont think so. and if you vote off james and his girl then youre even again, and i dont like those odds.

the cubs: did they win or lose yesterday? i cant remember. i think they lost. fucking cubs. nomar hit a homer so thats nice. but shit man. i dont have many next years left in me to wait for. i like the corey is back and lawton is in the lineup. i dont like that we traded away Remlinger. but what can you do. i guess with Wood in the bullpen we dont need a left handed set up? sheesh.

ok rockers, im out. my old company E! had kanye west perform at their annual summer bash. figures as soon as i bail out they get someone great to perform – smashmouth played my first year. i guess last year they had LL who was great, but kayne is the man.