exclusive interview with kristin

xxxxbusblogxxxx: did you get hitched?

kristinpony: HIIII

xxxxbusblogxxxx: hi baby
xxxxbusblogxxxx: was today the day???

kristinpony: friday 🙂

xxxxbusblogxxxx: i wrote a tribute to you today
xxxxbusblogxxxx: cuz i thought today was the day

kristinpony: awwwwww
kristinpony: do you want to see some pictures? i am scanning
kristinpony: and i have some online

xxxxbusblogxxxx: of course!

kristinpony: ok one sec

kristinpony: that’s the first picture i got from the photographer (pictured)

xxxxbusblogxxxx: practice picture?

kristinpony: i have a few others and a lot of snapshots people took

xxxxbusblogxxxx: oh wait
xxxxbusblogxxxx: you got hitched on friday?!!?!?
xxxxbusblogxxxx: 8/12?

kristinpony: 8/12

xxxxbusblogxxxx: awwwwwwwww
xxxxbusblogxxxx: youre gorgeous there
xxxxbusblogxxxx: i will post that

kristinpony: thank you so much
kristinpony: i have more
kristinpony: you have options
kristinpony: lauren pony looked hot

xxxxbusblogxxxx: who?

kristinpony: my sister
kristinpony: !!!!

xxxxbusblogxxxx: you have a sister?

kristinpony: hah
kristinpony: here’s both of us, a crappy scan ;(

xxxxbusblogxxxx: youre so hot
xxxxbusblogxxxx: can i say that still?
xxxxbusblogxxxx: i better not

kristinpony: of course!

xxxxbusblogxxxx: i like your dress

kristinpony: thank you
kristinpony: it was really simple
kristinpony: no big train
kristinpony: lauren.. the maid of honor!

xxxxbusblogxxxx: fancy designer?

kristinpony: no way
kristinpony: sample sale
kristinpony: like 500 bucks altogether

xxxxbusblogxxxx: sweet
xxxxbusblogxxxx: fancy shoes?

kristinpony: shoetopia shoes!
kristinpony: pink. cute

xxxxbusblogxxxx: what brand though?

kristinpony: bombshelle i think
kristinpony: nothing fancy

xxxxbusblogxxxx: ps lauren looks eh

kristinpony: hott

xxxxbusblogxxxx: too much makeup

kristinpony: she’s gorgeous

xxxxbusblogxxxx: eh
xxxxbusblogxxxx: she needs a diamond studded cat collar
xxxxbusblogxxxx: for my liking
xxxxbusblogxxxx: and an ankle bracelette

kristinpony: here’s another sample from the photographer

xxxxbusblogxxxx: nice
xxxxbusblogxxxx: you got hitched at churchill downs?

kristinpony: no a beautiful catholic church
kristinpony: here’s another from the photog

xxxxbusblogxxxx: awwww
xxxxbusblogxxxx: did people cry?

kristinpony: a lot of people did

xxxxbusblogxxxx: did bugsy go?

kristinpony: naaah

xxxxbusblogxxxx: where are you registered so i can tell people

kristinpony: noooo way
kristinpony: we got 1000000 presents. i don’t want any presents

xxxxbusblogxxxx: but your fans…. we miss you
xxxxbusblogxxxx: and we will give way better presents than what you probably got

kristinpony: i got way good presents 🙂

xxxxbusblogxxxx: like????

kristinpony: a million things!

xxxxbusblogxxxx: llllllllllllliiiiiikkkkeeee?

kristinpony: a kitchenaid mixer!
kristinpony: lots of money. lots lots lots
kristinpony: everyting for the kitchen times two

xxxxbusblogxxxx: do you cook that much?

kristinpony: not really
kristinpony: blake does

kristinpony: heres the whole wedding party.. last one i promise

xxxxbusblogxxxx: yeah see, your sister is like the 4th hottest chick there
xxxxbusblogxxxx: big mistake of her to stop blogging

kristinpony: hah

xxxxbusblogxxxx: ps, may i have any of those bridesmaids?

kristinpony: which do you want?

xxxxbusblogxxxx: does it even matter?
xxxxbusblogxxxx: theyre all hot

kristinpony: i know
kristinpony: i had a pretty wedding

xxxxbusblogxxxx: ok im going to post the first pic and our convo. is that kosher?

kristinpony: mmm let me review convo
kristinpony: i will put my whole wedding album online i promise

xxxxbusblogxxxx: ok good
xxxxbusblogxxxx: and i want to talk to you on the phone and podcast you
xxxxbusblogxxxx: when will you be available for that?

kristinpony: sometime soon, law school starts a week from monday!! ahhh!
kristinpony: unless you want to hear about law school
kristinpony: i have one more picture i must show you

xxxxbusblogxxxx: shouldnt you be on your honeymoon?

kristinpony: we are going in dec. school starts soon
kristinpony: he is working still

xxxxbusblogxxxx: umpiring?
xxxxbusblogxxxx: pumping gas?
xxxxbusblogxxxx: tax collecting

kristinpony: umpire

xxxxbusblogxxxx: where at?

kristinpony: boise right now

xxxxbusblogxxxx: damn

kristinpony: yeppers
kristinpony: crazy
kristinpony: it was sad this morning
kristinpony: but we had a couple of nice nights 🙂

xxxxbusblogxxxx: awwww

kristinpony: i am scanning the picture that i dedicate to you

xxxxbusblogxxxx: youre very sweet

kristinpony: not the best scan but i thought you would enjoy it

kristinpony: me getting ready and drinking pink champagne

xxxxbusblogxxxx: sigh
xxxxbusblogxxxx: youre the hottest girl in america

kristinpony: whatevs

xxxxbusblogxxxx: hey wait is that the under thing to your dresssss?

kristinpony: duh!

xxxxbusblogxxxx: how am i supposed to know????
xxxxbusblogxxxx: well hey, congratulations!!! i hope you know that youre the best and all the boys of the world will be quite sad at this post. but who cares, it’s your happy day. so congrats!

kristinpony: thanks for being so sweet

gorilla mask + chokey chicken + dooce

if all my covert information is correct

ms kristin pony is getting married right this minute.

which means that everything that i type will be sour grapes.

and it is, so dont be fooled.

kristin of madpony discovered the busblog many moons ago and ever since then we became friends. there was a time when we’d email each other so much that i created a special hotmail account just for our conversations. and of course there were the encouragements from both sides to keep on blogging and keep on keeping on.

so of course when i went to austin this year for sxsw i was blown away when she drove eight hours south to meet me.

even though she had sent me hundreds of pictures and even though we spent a little amount of time on webcams, i was in no way prepared for the hotness that is kristin.

she is taller than youd think, skinnier, hotter, and sharper.

and then she kills you with that southern accent and that university sass.

i knew she was engaged but i didnt know how engaged until the glare from the rock on her dainty finger nearly blinded me.

i dont know who the fella is, shes sent me tons of pics of them, but all i know is hes the luckiest man in the world.

madpony kristin is the catch of the day. awesome disposition. funny as hell, quick as can be, perfect sense of what a good family is about since she comes from a great one, on her way to law school, on her way to everything.

im pretty sure she didnt invite me to the wedding because she knows what i think about young people getting hitched and was afraid that i’d cause a ruckus. told ya shes smart.

so smart even sk smith was all, gee tony, i think we met a girl out of your league.

if indeed today was her wedding day, and if indeed she actually went through with it, and if indeed she will be starting law school in the fall, hopefully now that all the wedding stuff is behind her we might be blessed with – if not a return to madpony – but something new that she updates once a week or two.

is that too much to ask?

anyways, kristin, wherever you are, if today was your big day, the busblog and all its readers wish you and your man a happy day and a happier honeymoon.

that sound of chinese firecrackers you hear are a million hearts breaking.

and yes i do have a pair of her shoes

and yes i may auction them off quite soon

for charity, of course.

a year ago this month + when adrants met kristin + shes nearly 23