people want to know my relationship with tsar

for some reason i thought everyone knew, but apparently thats not the case. so for those who arent familiar with ucsb’s daily nexus 86-93, prague’s prognosis (where basart and layne jumped in), and the myth of the santa barbara mafia

heres a quick rundown of just the nexus portion which will leave quite a few people out, so please add (with links) in the comment box below

partial list of participants of the daily nexus 86-92:

bonnie bills and charlie hornberger – charlie was editor in cheif in 1992, truck, i married them, bonnie’s buzznet, charlie’s buzznet

jeff whalen – friday magazine, mons pubvis, the brothers steve, long haired leaping gnomes, the reluctant surgeons, chopper one, stupid girl, royal supremes, tsar (which included at different times welch, coulter, kern, solomon and the two new dudes)

daniel kern – the wonderfuls, baby dangerously, royal supremes, tsar

matt welch – reason, the reluctant surgeons, long haired leaping gnomes, whalen, original bassist of tsar, corvids + married to emmanuelle

amy collins – now amy langfield, editor in cheif of the nexus 1990 + priased by forbes

steve elzer – eic 1988, sony pictures

steve czaban – + sportstalk 98 (dc) + wlzr (milwaukee)

chris ziegler – wrote the history of isla vista from ’72-’98

ben sullivan – science blog + brother of kate music editor of the la weekly

morgan j freeman – film and tv director

jason ross – editor in cheif of nexus 1993 + award-winning writer, daily show

aj goddard – kcsb + the playpen

michele danner – outdoors magazine

dylan – champion, luxus, shapes of racecars

marc brown – kcsb + the bee sting boyz + buzznet creator + his buzznet page

genevive field – here with her hand on my shoulder + co-creator of nerve

karen broome – now at sony pictures

doug arellanes – +

christopher scheer – nixon, alternet, 5 lies of george w. bush + wiki

greg mcilvane – wonderfuls + mons pubvis + stupid girl + chopper one + thee mystakes + gregory vaine + hollow trees + director of many films + and great artist – married to molli + parents of sean

os tyler – brother steve, truck, baby dangerously, hosts the busblog, hitched with kim my lawyer + papa of henry

sandra brilliant and denis faye – denis was my assistant editor when we won best in state

don frances and jennifer adams – el pad + don was my roommate with charlie, dan, layne, kip, and mike on haight street + parents of stella

jeanine natale – count rockula, longest college gf + her buzznet page + makes everyones wedding rings

pat whalen – reluctant surgeons, married to denisa + papa of dale and mick

shira – introduced me to chris, formerly of people, found the apartment i live in

melissa lalum – executive editor of la daily news

max donnelly – reluctant surgeons + married to kelly + papa of caroline and claire

joel brand – rolling stone, surfer, sellmedia

todd franciselement skateboards

jeff solomon – long haired leaping gnomes, reluctant surgeons, whalen, thee mystakes, tsar, corvids + we wrote articles together and had a company together in sf + i djed his wedding last month when he wed erin + papa of wyatt

dan hilldale – one of my roommates on haight street + bf to sk smith

jeff mcmanus – yahoo

stacy sullivan – newsweek, columbia

william torren – the desert sun

duke conover – the news herald

dan jeffers – city flirting

tony pierce – reluctant surgeons, chopper one

so my relation to tsar is: whalen and i worked on the arts section of the nexus together for a summer (he was assistant editor of the arts section when i began there), dan and coulter were in my favorite iv band the wonderfuls, tsar paths crossed when i introduced the wonderfuls to the nexus at one of greg’s hootenanys, i was roommates with greg and whalen in atwater, together we made chopper one and several of greg’s films, i was biz partner with solomon in sf, i slept on tsar’s couch when i moved back to LA so i was with tsar when they got their first bits of money for their music, and ive been to most of their LA shows, including the time they played four nights in spain during y2k

thats just the tip of the iceberg

however, my relationship to them has no influence on the fact that i think theyre the best band in hollywood, hands down. + listen to their songs, see the video + get band girls money