i have some excellent things to announce to you.

but now is not the time. and its killing me.

one of the things i think i can announce but i want some other people to say it first.

what intersting is one is because of advertisements on this blog

and the other is because of my job.

it’s interesting because a year ago today there would be no way in hell that i would ever have anything to announce from my job other than i did something dumb like meet a famous celebrity for ten seconds,

and i had no ads.

so the question is, am i glad that i no longer work for the television network

and do i take back all the nasty things

ive said about advertisements on blogs?

i miss the good people of e of which there were many

and yes i take back all the nasty things

ive said about advertisements on blogs.

dooce who got fired because of her blog is now a top 100 blogger and charges $500 a week for an ad

and has five running right now.

how on earth could i be against that sort of sweet revenge?

has it changed the way she blogs – which was my prime fear about blog ads?

nope. she writes about being a mom and a wife and normal things.

she doesnt even post every day.

f you pay me.

anyways i dont believe this blog has changed because of ads, and whats interesting is the top ad i have right now is cafepress, of whom i have made my last two books from, and sold lots of other merch.

and the other ad is a book my college girlfriend jeanine cowrote (she got a discounted rate on the ad.)

i would have recommended these things anyways.

its one twenty two and at seven am im getting my brakes fixed and at eight thirty the dude is gonna patch up the bathroom wall.

sirius stock is trading at under six dollars a share and id invest but thats a third thing i cant talk about right now.

and a fourth is barely a secret either.

all four will be revealed next month so stay tuned.

in the meantime i want to start a book club.

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