somebodys dad objected to one of my posts yesterday

the one about the twenty year old who had relations with me.

heres the deal with the busblog. i cant bother with your issues. i cant bother with your hangups or your hypocracy. i cant bother with your jealousies or the fact that you sired daughters and are in conflict that theyre gonna give it up.

trust me, every time i write something even halfway sexy someone has to say something, and sometimes that person is my mother, and you know what i tell my mother

sorry ma, i cant bother with your issues. the busblogs gotta roll on.

at the root of the dad objection was probably the fact that i was with such a young girl. who knows maybe i was the same age as this dude. maybe i was a little younger. heaven forbid i am older, but that could be the case too with kids having kids and all.

but if the busblog stands for one thing its the end of agism. just because two people are relatively the same age doesnt mean shit other than they grew up watching the same cartoons.

still over half of marriages end up in divorce so maybe people need to revist relationships and long term commitments.

because britney and kevin are pretty much the same age, does that mean that hes gonna be a good husband to her? or even a good boyfriend?

at 113 years old, trust me, i think i could be a better boyfriend to her. but instead of people saying lets look at all the things tony is, they would say lets look at the only thing that tony isnt: her age.

so fuck that, and fuck your issues. this is the busblog where nothing is true anyways. except the truth. and the truth is i havent made out with a girl my age in a very very long time. not since junior college.

do i have any problems with women my age? no. but i dont have problems with young women either, and i find it fascinating that so many other people do.

i also find it fascinating that because the dad remained anonymous in his negative comment, he could be charged with a federal crime

who knew the President didn’t like negative anonymous commentors as much as i do?

…although, it’s my bet that the new law will be struck down as clearly unconsitutional within a month – what is it about the Repubs and their issues with freedom of speech?

just another example of the elderly always wanting to control everything.

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