todays ashleys birthday, shes now 24.

my does time fly. just the other day she was 19 and typing sweet nothings in my chat box.

never have i deserved any of the girls who i got to spend time with, but no way should i have had a girl like ashley like me the way she did and probably still does.

yes, it began as a simple internet friendship, and yes, it turned into much more.

shes as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and shes even more beautiful in person.

when she kisses you she keeps her eyes closed and lets it sink in. and every one is as important as the last.

you even get extras when you least expect it.

she likes to hold your hand at all times

she squeals

and she giggles when shes happy or when shes naughty.

once i woke up with her playing with the hairs on my chest and she said what would you like today boo

and i said three lovers in three ways

and she rang the little bell and miss gwen stefani appeared with a cloud of smoke behind door number three

and we all danced to the music of janes addiction.

i danced the best

there were judges.

that night the skies parted and a beam of light shone through the stars and gwen stefani ascended into the better place and ashley asked me to write down what had happened so i wouldnt forget it

and all i wrote down was ashleys awesome.

she said you forgot to write the stuff about gwen and i said gwen who.

later we held hands

and fell asleep.

i miss her immensely.

theres no replacing someone as sweet, full of excitement, and a thrill to be with.

and im pretty sure my website has suffered with her absence, but for her theres no replacement.

happy birthday, daisy girl from the future worlds.

youre still in my fondest thoughts, and if you didnt notice, that tinkerbell header has been up all week to celebrate this day.

me and ashley rent a car + she was just 19 the other day + her lj + and her myspace

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