typing you from my car on sunset blvd.

meaning im either a very committed blogger, or im sick, or i love you, or this is a cry of help.

my life isnt the same when my computer is broke. i have a great pal who fixes my shit when it goes down and i try to pay hhim but he wont accept my money. whats fucked up about that is typically when you pay someone they sorta have to help you out asap.

and even though hes my bro i dont think he understands the extent to which my life is disturbed when i dont have hi speed access. so last night when i called him and he didnt call back and yesterday when i called him and he didnt call back and today when i called him and he didnt call back i was jonesing like a crackhead not just because ive got one last bunch of books to get out but because this is black history month and because, well, i like to blog.

now whats interesting is im writing a secret book. im also sorta cleaning up my house so its perfect that my computer is broken because now i can work on those things.

but it wasnt that long ago that i gave up smoking weed, you cant really ask a brotha to give up weed and blogging at the same time.

thankfullly when i got the gig at buzznet mc brown got me an ibook so tonight after i dropped off my pc i popped open my laptop and drove slowly around eagle rock looking for someone with wifi, i found it, took care of some business, and then someone pulled up behind me and i drove off.

so here i am in hollywood listening to howard on sirius. its 11pm and the replay is on. actually its the wrapup show. howard just bought robin a mercedes. thats what you do when you are a good guy, and just got paid a half billion for five years.

why is sirius stock still under $6? why does the caged bird sing? why am i involved in a law suit and my life is in the balance and i cant invest my savings in siri right now as id like to? i guess i could, i just dont want to take the risk and put it all on black.

without dsl ive been watching a lot of tv. i watched the flava flav show. not bad. weird.

i watched the lisa loeb show. liked it! watched the boybander named ashley show – eh. watched keith oberman obliterate bill oreilly yesterday. watched the daily show, colbert. i even watched Good Day LA this morning with jillian barberie and i know shes a little hyper but why is that woman still single?

i miss big brother. i miss survivor. im always pissed on wednesday nights when Lost isnt on.

i guess i got nothing more to say other than everyone who ordered signed copies of Stiff should have gotten an invoice today. if you havent gotten your invoice yet, and if you arent Dan or rabbit + crow and havent gotten your paid copy yet email me.

and for those of you who dont know, we are Beta testing video on Buzznet, so if you have a Buzznet account try out the video. upload your stuff, check out other peoples stuff and enjoy the new technology. its not perfect yet, but we would rather have our users take advantage of this free upgrade to our community than just a few of us. so play with it, email us with improvements that youd like to see and help us get better.

me and marc brown had shwarmas today at the secret shwarma place and it kicked serious ass.

krista (pictured) + kiddo + amy + my fave video

im at work. i shouldnt be because we’re remodeling here at buzznet

but i cant really tell my bosses that im “working from home” if my computer is fubar and im blogging in the middle of the night from internet cafes.

we’re about to go to lunch so let me answer some questions posed to me in the comments.

Q. what book are you reading?

A. the only book im reading right now is the Bible. i know, weird. but my new years resolution was to read at least one chapter of the Bible each sunday, and since each chapter of the bible is barely two pages its a pretty easy one to accomplish.

this sunday i read the first part of the Noah story and it blew my mind. there were two reasons why God wanted to flood the earth. do you remember what those reasons were? i hadnt. they were violence and corruption. it wasnt sex. it wasnt same sex marriages. it wasnt tyrants. it wasnt wmds. it was violence and corruption. quite interesting.

the week before i had read the passage where Avenged Sevenfold got their name. lots of great metal names in the bible.

also last week i saw a part where you could sorta (weakly) explain dinosaurs biblically. basically there were giants who the daughters and sons of adam and eve were getting it on with. my belief is, in a bizarre way those giants could be like how we view The Others in Lost. people on the other side of the island who you sorta hang with but not so much. except in the bible’s case, to breed with.

so these giants probably had giant animals roaming on their side of messipotamia. those were later called dinosaurs.

like i said its sorta a weak explaination, but there it is.

q. which bukowski books should i read?

a. the classics are ham on rye, post office, and women. but matt dillon is about to come out with the film version of Factotum, probably my favorite bukowski novel. however Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Tales of Ordinary Madness, and pretty much anything pre 1990 are great.

q. i live in canada, im a cute young woman, and i want to have hot sex with you. is that ok?

a. when i come to canada again, and if youre wearing a plaid skirt, thigh highs, and a cat collar, then yes we can discuss your generous offer(s) further. i feel like our countries should come together. and just because the president of this country isnt helping things, i feel like i should take up the slack.

q. who’s your favorite blogger?

a. my favorite blogger is raymi, but the blog i read the most is flagrants, although not so much now that she has made her text size so damn small. is there a firefox plugin that will automaticall up the text size for just one blog?

q. what do you think about people who are jealous about you going to Holland on Holland.com’s dime?

a. i think those people have a right to be jealous. i’d be jealous. but i dont think theyre looking at the big picture. blogging is soooooo new, instead of trying to give advertisers, or in this case, governments a hard time for trying something new, you should embrace the fact that bloggers are being respected. and you should encourage us to kick ass so that these sorts of opportunities will continue and spread.

not that long ago i was paid to allow my content to be distributed through an RSS reader. last year i was dropped, im speculating, because my political views didnt jibe with the conservative corporation that owned the RSS reader and was paying me some good money.

instead of flaming them and being all pissed off and telling people how bad this company sucked, i kept my mouth shut because big picture the program was good for bloggers and the bloggers who took my place are better off that theres Any program as opposed to no program. plus its just money so who really gives a fuck.

q. what do you think about the fact that the Smashing Pumpkins arent going to reunite at Coachella?

a. Coachella adds bands all the time, and they sell out quick. i have two thoughts. one, the pumpkins were great a long time ago. they werent so great during their last two records. Zwan was cool and Corgan is a genius. but theyre a volital sensitive band. if Coachella sells out without SP and theyre later a suprise band then great. but if they were announced, then Coachella sold out, and then the band broke up before the show then everyone would be pissed.

therefore im glad they werent announced. i do hope they reunite at Coachella, cuz i will be there. but i hope they rock and leave the synths at home.

happy birthday kira!