bicycle mark should give tours for a living.

we ate morracain and then drank in a place that used to be a hospital but is now a squat. but not just a squat, a squat bar and lil restaurant.

i dont understand the whole deal but its what i said it is. and it made you feel like you were in bladerunner.

the dj spun crazy industrial trip hop which at times was mixed with smooth jazz but oftentimes mixed with jackhammers and white noise. in some places you have to shoot the dj, and in other cases you just have to bribe him, at this place i bought him a beer and pointed at the smooth jazz disc spinning and he got the message.

bicycle mark’s roommate is lebanese but seems even more worldly than that.

the bathroom at the squat bar was immaculate. i wondered who youd call to fix the wc if something got stuck in there, and youre just a squatter.

then john americablog asked can a sqatter squat someone elses squat?

but apparently there are rules among squatters and thats the second rule.

the first rule?

dont clog the head.

its 527am and im determined to wake up at a reasonable hour and check out some van gogh and rembrant, especially since this is the 400th birthday of my man.

im addicted to shawermas. tonight i got a late night one served with a pita, like a civilized person would want it.

so let me say a few things about this hotel. its swanky downstairs, and i like the room cuz its warm and its dark and theyve got this trippy revolving door that makes you feel happy.

the shower is good, the toilet sticks out of the wall like youre in a spaceship, the bed is fine etc

but if you have a do not disturb sign on your door handle why on earth would that make someone think that it would be ok to call you saying housekeeping would you like more towels?

what if miss amsterdam would have still been sleeping?

do not disturb should mean no knocks no calls no esp

i should run every company in the world.

look at the pretty pictures

my sleeping habits are all out of whack.

maybe it has to do with the two liters of coke that im drinking and the fact that i keep going to sleep when the sun comes up and waking up at 2:30pm. at this rate i’ll never make it inside all those museums.

they gave me a card where i can go into pretty much all the museums in town. my question is, why cant these places be open at 4am where a guy can really sit down in front of those bad boys and truly study them?

also, i dont think you should allow yourself to be considered five star if you dont have a real fridge and or a microwave in your room. i stayed in the worst motel in oregon and it had a real fridge And a microwave. yes the floors were so scary i didnt walk anywhere without my slippers but there you have it.

the lobby here is beautiful and modern. they say the huge Nightwatch is a copy but thats not what i tell my visitors.

people watch soccer here. they stand out in the cold and watch it being shown in restaurants. wednesday night soccer. you dont see people standing outside on a cold chicago spring night watching baseball. or basketball. so props.

i also like the flag of this city. its red and black and has three x’s on it.

it looks like a pirate flag. like someone saying our flag is a treasure map and we have three treasures here. sex is legal, drugs are legal, and our art is better.

i like the windy streets but i dont understand them. how did they get that way? did people build ten feet of street and then got bored of making it go straight? was it to make invading armys confused? whatever it is i like it. i feel like im on the stage of a shakespeare play.

someone offered me hash and i said, “Macbeth shall never vanquished be
until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him.”

something is giving me munchies like crazy and if i ever moved here i would open up a Pink Dot because it’s not all that huge of a town so all youd need is three to cover the whole place. and the streets are empty at night pretty much so let people with munchies call up and ask for snacks and charge em for it.

let me tell you how much i love the world we live in.

theres a thing called peer to peer sharing.

im a subscriber to sirius sat radio. i paid for the whole year at one pop. but its only in my car radio. so i was sad that i was going to miss the howard stern show while i was on this trip.

well some very nice person started sharing yesterdays show and the day befores show. so i must say that its quite a bonus to be able to be here in this fair city And get to listen to howard late at night while watching the dutch broadcast of the olympics.

my bicycle must be freezing out there.