big shake on the box car moving

i think i have an unhealthy relationship with my computer. when its not workin im unhealthy. turned out i was only sneezing cuz of the dust at buzznet and all i needed was a new ethernet cable. all i needed was a cable?

as dumb as i feel imagine if you were the president of the usa despite having a daily briefing a month before 9/11 telling you that 9/11 is being planned.

and then imagine sending people to war based on wmds and there were no wmds.

then imagine the scandals in congress, senators saying that theyre doctors and know that a brain dead woman is actually alive and her last wishes shouldnt be carried out by her loving husband, the leaks to the press that someones husband is in the cia, the gay hooker being snuck into the white house press corps, the biggest deficit ever, the highest gas prices ever that make two bucks a gallon seem like the greatest fucking deal of the week, and now jack abramoff and now spying on your own people under the bs that youre looking for terrorists.

how can george bush not want to put the barrel in his mouth and squeeze?

and kicking out cindy sheehan is one thing but kicking out a woman with a support the troops tshirt shows you how jittery shit is over there and i can understand. my life was in shambles over one cord, imagine what 100,000 iraqi lives and hamas getting elected does to a big fucking faker who has fucked up on everything that hes ever done ever.

only thing he ever did was get elected and he couldnt tell you how that happened either.

a real life vonnegut character – the crazy loser who ends up with great fortune and opportunity and something happens.

but the question is, are the people who support this loser also losers since theyre seriously backing an imbecile simply because he calls himself a republican.

i feel like an idiot that my cable was all that needed to be fixed. i wonder what people who keep voting for bush feel like.

Big shake to the land that’s falling down

Dear Tony,

Are you going to smoke marijuana when you go to Amsterdam?


Jack Abramoff and the people from who sold an ad through Pajamas Media that ended up on the Instapundit’s blog and not Little Green Footballs.

dear jack,

love the hat.

im not sure if youre aware of it or not but Los Angeles magazine wrote an article about the PJers and it’s politically incorrect relationship with charles johnsons lgf – a site that generates extremist comments to say the least.

Advertisers want hits, too, but they don’t want to be associated with extremists.

In theory Pajamas knows this. Briefly this fall it listed L.A. blogger Luke Ford as a member and then thought better of it, professing shock that on one of his sites Ford was blogging about porn. This was curious, because porn is the single thing Ford knows anything about, and about porn this obsessed blogger knows a great deal. His notoriety has nurtured his online popularity. But bumping Ford was a no-brainer for any site wanting to make money with mainstream advertisers.

Doesn’t the presence of Footballs make it harder to attract ads to the site? When asked that question, the otherwise loquacious Simon pulls up short. “I have no comment on that. You should ask Charles,” he said. Johnson has not returned phone calls.

Meanwhile many wonder about that $3.5 million. What’s it being spent on? And what does the main backer want for his investment? Aubrey Chernick, a software designer who recently sold the firm he founded, Candle Corporation, to IBM, heads the group financing Pajamas. Now Chernick runs a company called NC4, which according to its Web site consults with the U.S. government on “crisis management readiness.” According to testimony gathered by the September 11 Commission (and posted online), NC4 is deeply involved in preparing for potential terrorist attacks on Los Angeles and New York City. Such information, along with Chernick’s listing in 2000 as a trustee for AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby, has given obsessive folks with too much time on their hands—aka bloggers—plenty to ruminate over. (Chernick declined requests for an interview.)

Chernick’s involvement, along with the tilt among Pajamas’ members in favor of the war in Iraq, has led to intense and cryptic speculation. Some bloggers mutter that Pajamas is a government operation.

Let’s be real. Pajamas’ coups (its team coverage of the recent Iraqi election, assembled by a group of Iraqi bloggers, was first-rate) belong to Simon & Co., as do the problems to date. But let’s be real about something else, too. Given that the Bush administration funded journalists like Armstrong Williams to promote its policies, planted fake journalists to ask supportive questions at press conferences, bankrolled pro-administration newspapers in Iraq, and fabricated how Pat Tillman died to sell the war—the question isn’t whether the administration will turn its media-manipulation efforts to blogs. It’s when.

– Los Angeles Magazine 2/06

so jack i think it means that even the big tent of the gop home of falwell, robertson, david duke, pat buccannon, nixon, frist, rove, drudge, o’reilly, hannitty, and jeff gannon is wide enough for prof. reynolds and michelle malkin but not lgf

and thats gotta make a guy feel weird too.

especially since the ad is really just a way for the gop to jingle the tip jar during tax return season. so either theyre saying that they dont want to be affiliated with the lizards over there – think thats what they call themselves and they dont want their money,

or theyre saying they have enough problems, thanks anyway.

i wonder if thats why charles doesnt have a bio on pajamas media yet.

bro i’ll write your bio.


but dude, if you opened up your comments i would have been able to let your readers know why there was so much traffic there today and why the page was loading slow.

today i had an idea that i think i might experiment with next month. shut down the email and only communicate with people through the comments.

now that would be transparent.

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