today is jeanine’s 24th birthday

and i love her and im so happy that shes here in LA where we can see each other at tsar shows and parties and red carpets and truck pulls.

born in hollywood california to a famous surgeon and a creole celloist jeanine was blessed with the talent to play the guitar like she was ringing a bell.

when i met her at the nexus she was shy and untrusting and talented and beautiful and yet shed neverbeenkissed (which is greek for “not a man had known her”). all signs said “tony you live in the most densely populated square mile of loose beautiful women yearning to be free, avoid this gorgeous virgin with defense sheilds set on stun.”

but love is blind and my acid was strong so i drugged her and poured booze down her gullet and whipped out the six foot bong and filled it with the chronic and when she was at her most vulnerable i kissed her and the next day she kissed me back.

and now that wall has been torn down and she will not only drink you under the table but she’ll talk your ear off if you get her in the right mood. my how have times changed.

i love her and shes sexier than ever she shreds harder than you know she taught herself jewlery design and shes made all of our friends their wedding bands. even the ones who arent married. now shes finding herself in the movie business green lighting the good scripts and rolling her own with the bad scripts. i love her and she lives in the famous roosevelt hotel home of the very first academy awards.

after we broke up she moved to prague with my friends and played in several bands including Count Rockula and the german boys swooned and the french sighed oui. i love her and she has ended up with all walks of boyfriends after me but none who loved her more. she calls me her guardian angel but im the man who poisoned her first is all i am, yes im eternally in love with her but shes the one who has the power over me, shes the one who i stayed home for instead of going to the czech republic and if i had to do it over again youd do the same thing too.

jeanine is a blessing to all of us, a skinny girl who walks around the apartment topless reading your astrology chart and raising iguanas and only listening to tapes of local bands when shes not spinning nina simone on the turntable. she can cook greek masterpieces as well as soul food, she can bake cornbread from scratch and transpose guns n roses on the keyboard seven different ways just to remind you whose boss.

she was my good luck charm in sacramento when i won best in state but as great as that award was to drive her down to mexico to make out with her was the best award ive ever gotten and when child protective services said tony pierce youre the father of this girl named Mystery i was all nuh huh i was with jeanine and only jeanine and they were all but and i said look at jeanine why would i ever stop holding her hand and the judge said case closed. and i love her.

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