allthingschristie forwarded me this quiz.

im waiting for something so i figure what the hell. its friday. lets go

1. What time is it:

2. What is your Full Name?:
Anthony M. Pierce III

3. Nicknames:
dumbass, tony, tp, tp3, yo

4. Piercing:
against the bible

5. Pets:
i love animals but wtf am i gonna do with a pet?

6. What color pants are you wearing right now?:

7. What are you listening to right now?
my computer hum because it loves me

8. What are the last 2 digits of your phone number?

9. What was the last thing you ate:
i went to fatburger because i was getting my car detailed and they were taking forever cuz its LA and people obsess over their cars here especially on a friday night, so i went to fatburger to celebrate something but when i got there i was all “as much as i love fatburgers theyre soooo unhealthy” (every woman i know in LA has put those voices in my head) so i got a chicken burger there. grilled chicken breast. fat fries and coke. eight bucks.

10.If you were a crayon what color would you be:
burnt sienna

11. How is the weather right now?
i didnt wear a flannel all day.

12. Last person you talked to on the phone?
jeff solomon, king lion of judah. stud of the century. father of my children. master of the universe who looked at my computer the other day and said seems to me that you need a new ethernet cable and gave me the cable and was calling me to follow up to see if it workd. my first born will be called jeff solomon pierce of antigua.

13. First thing you notice about whichever sex you’re attracted to?
teeth. lord if i know why.

14. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
does anyone not like christie?

15. How are you today?
unbelieveably great

16. Favorite Drink:
diet dr pepper. or coke classic depending if i need a sugar rush.

17. Favorite Alcoholic drink?
either a double baileys neat
or a triple captian morgan in nice big glass, also neat. why fuck around.

18. Favorite Sports to participate in?
madden on playstation2

19. Hair Color:
im 113, black with gray

20. Eye Color:

21. Do you wear contacts:
i have perfect vision and i can see thru bullshit, plus i have a 007 watch its the one and only, its got an i-spy sensor that tells me when youre lonely

22. Siblings:

23. Favorite Month(s):
this is why i dont do these quizzes.

24. Favorite Food?
i eat chicken probably every day. or things that taste like chicken.

25. The movie you watched last ?
In a theater – King Kong (A- i love jack black but he was overacting)
at home – 40 yr old Virgin (A+)

26. Favorite Day of the Year:
opening day.

27. Are you too shy to ask someone out?:
since i dont do drugs any more, i try to do things that will either trip me out naturally or make my heart beat. so yes its fun to ask people out but then you have to do all those other things once they say yes. like wonder why they would ever say yes.

28. Summer or Winter?
there are seasons?

29. Hugs or Kisses?
i can eat a bag of either of them. but since you get more protein from the nuts in hugs lets go with those.

30. Chocolate or Vanilla:
a girl wrote this quiz, didnt she.

31. What books are you reading:
the Bible and i wanted to buy The Diary of Anne Frank but the hipster bookstore next to the Los Feliz 3 was too cool for her. fuckers.

32. Whats on your mouse pad?
dust since its in the closet.

33. Favorite Board Game(s)?
scrabble but only when i play against geniuses.

34. What did you do last night?
caught up on my Buzznet work.

35. Living Arrangements:
i live in a pretty cool bachelor pad hidden in the hills of hollywood, alone, with just me, a thousand magazines, two thousand baseball cards, three thousand cds, high speed internet, and a directv satelite dish. there are hardwood floors, a fireplace, 24/7 security, and a closet the perfect size to write to you.

36. Favorite Smells:
excited women, pizza, really good weed.

37. Least Favorite Smells?
really good weed that doesnt get passed to me at a concert

38. Can you touch your nose with your tongue:
if i cheat

39. What inspires you?
pictures, kisses, and good blog entries

40. Favorite Word?

41. Favorite place to eat out?
her place

42.What was your most perfect vacation escape?
this christmas i drove from LA to vancouver and back down again… very slowly. i loved every minute.

43. If you won the lottery would you continue to work?:
not only that but i would invest in Buzznet. just wait till you see what we pull off in the very near future, and i dont mean video.

44. Favorite snack:
puffed cheetos

45. Favorite candy:
huge blocks of trader joes chocolate

46. Favorite Flower?
Flower from Playboy TVs “Nightcalls 411”

47. The first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
God bless Marc Brown for letting me have a job where i dont have to set an alarm any more.

48. Favorite fast food restaurant:
McDonalds still has it.

49. Favorite day of the week:
im wishing ill upon the creator of this.

50. Favorite ice cream:
cookie dough

51. What is your favorite color?
im wishing violence upon the creator of this

52. Lake, ocean or river?
im wishing violence followed by insurance red tape upon the creator of this

53. How many tattoos do you have?
against the bible or id have hundreds.

54. Prefer your lady in cotton panties or a gstring?
if you have the right lady it doesnt matter what shes wearing

55. Birthday:

56. Are you currently dating anyone?:
if i was i wouldnt be doing a lj quiz on a friday night

57. What is your opinion of things like this?
i think theyre dumb, but i do read other peoples’s. so whatever.

58. Favorite CD of 2005:
Tsar – Band Girls Money

59. ever been toilet papering?
T-ping someone’s house? thats my middle name! or my intials. but no. you get shot for that where im from.

60. Loved someone so much it made you cry?
ha! me? no. no. no. yes. shuttup.

61. Been in a car accident?
when i first moved here to LA i was shocked at how many super hot women there were just walking around. and i rearended the guy in front of me at an extremely low speed (we were approaching a stop sign) he got out and said dude i was checking her out too. we slapped hands and went on with life. that was the closest ive ever gotten. im the best driver of all time.

62. Croutons or bacon bits?
croutons rule all things.

63. Disney or Warner Bros:
the wb employs black folk so the wb.

64. How many times did you fail your drivers test?
once, and i still dont know why.

65. From whom did you get your last e-mail?
my lawyer telling me that everythings gonna be alright.

66. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
credit cards are also against the bible. but if i had one i would probably blow a wad at best buy.

67. What you do most often when you are bored?
thanks to blogging i dont think ive really been bored, at home, in years. when theres not a computer around i make up little songs in my head. at fatburger for instance i wrote a little tune about the cute little high school kids who must have been 14 on their cute little date holding hands. it was called “please wear my friendship bracelette jimmy”

68. Bedtime?
3am if i dont head to the couch beforehand. if i do go to the couch after 11pm, five minutes later is it.

69. Favorite TV shows:
lost, countdown with keith oberman, pardon the interruption, the simpsons (still!), family guy, mcglaughlin group, real time with bill maher (is that coming back?), survivor, big brother, beauty and the geek, revenge of the show, drawn together

70. Last person you went out to dinner with?
anna kournikova

71. Ford or Chevy?
i like the new mustangs but too many idiots have them now, so vette baby

72. Your best memory?
ive had a very blessed life so there are many. every time a girl has kissed me for the first time is way up there, but probably winning the california intercollegiate press association award for best arts and entertainment editor a few months after being and accepting the award in a dress.

73. Time you finished this e-mail?

74. Do you want your friends to write back?:
my friends wont but my blog buddies might.

75. Who is most likely to respond:

76: Who is least likely to respond:
dan hilldale, he and charlie are so smart yet they keep it to themselves for some reason.

i can be very mean + timmay + sean freaks + christie

hi little mermaid girl

hi tony pierce. i love you so please dont make fun of me.

why would i make fun of you?

oh i dont know, because my legs are stuck together!

baby, we all have our little crosses to bear. shit, im a blogger, you dont think thats embarrassing?

good point.

so can you swim fast.


no really?

no i cant swim fast. im not a fish. im a little girl.

do you have gills?

tony, im a girl.

can you breathe underwater?

im going to kill you.

i was just kidding. do you like fish?

yes, i like bass, shrimp, crab. i love seafood.

no, like do you liiiiike fish, as in if you see an eel do you think oooo sex-ay?

come here so i can slap you.

what do you do if you cant ride a big wheel or skip or… even walk?

i crawl around a lot. my mom carries me. but mostly i watch tv.

what are some of your favorite shows?

squarepants spongebob, punk’d, lost, anything on cnn.

you follow politics?

i fucking love politics.

wow. well the president is speaking today. what do you expect from his speech?

lies. false promises. scary threats of american imperialism disguised as idealism where peace and freedom can only be spread via military influence imposed by the us army.


and no mention of the fact that we went to war based on wmds and found none. no mention of the fact that the election results in iraq will be counted in secret by men with an american agenda.

says who?

thats the word on the street.

thats a pretty cynical perspective from a cute little girl.

lifes a bitch tony, i just calls em like i sees em.

i think youre rad mermaid girl.

i think youre radder tony pierce.


i have no idea what this is about + the deputy + virginia

here comes yr man

its one oh three and im on top of the world, america.

is it because i have a hot date tonight? yes.

is it because in a few weeks im going to amsterdam for free simply because im a blogger? yes.

is it because the legal proceeding that ive been hinting to is about to end and all will be good in the hood again? hell yes.

my attorney advises that i dont talk about it until all the dots are dotted and the tees are teed but lets just say that the mighty casey didnt strike out this time in mudville that the glove didnt fit so you must acquit and sometimes the cubs win the cubs win.

seriously i dont think i could be any happier than i am right now. but because im an xbi agent and because our emotions got lasered out of us at an early age this is me happy:

yo yo.

likewise this is me sad:


what you wont see because i dont have a cam in my house is me about to kick up the jams and dance around in my house for a good 15 minutes tom cruise risky business style and then clean my home for my impending visitor and then jet over to santa monica to sign what i hope are the last of the legal documents

and then go back to my lifestyle of … whatever my lifestyle is.

and even though i know this is premature, id like to thank the Lord Above for always having my back,

i wanna thank the fans who are always there,

i wanna thank my lawyer, my agent, and my other lawyer.

i wanna thank the academy

and of course all the little people, and by little i mean the brothas with the little schweens that make mine look big.