phones are a pain in the ass wherever you are

and especially in europe. everyones got a country code. you never know if you need a zero or a one to begin the thing. so if a pretty girl says she’ll join you on a stroll down the red light district but gives you a phone number with an icelandic country code, you shouldnt be surprised if it takes you a while to get through to her.

but because this has been the strangest month ive ever had, i did get through to her and we did stroll down the red light district last night at not two am but closer to three am.

heres the problem with the red light district and why you shouldnt go there late at night. its not that youre going to get robbed. its youre going to be tempted.

im an old man. thats been established. so it takes a little more to get my intrests peaked, so to speak. fuckin thing about the red light district is they have that little extra to get you going.

in the daytime you can sorta pretend that youre just taking a shortcut through that little walkway on your way home but at night, late at night, who you kidding.

so these girls are from everywhere. they all look totally different. they all look hot. and theyre right on the other side of the glass. lord knows who this icelandic chick is, and you have enough money in your pocket for whatever goes down and some drinks afterwards.

and it was damn cold out there so when this long haired tomboy knocked on her window with a handcuff looking like avril lavigne’s twin sister i do have to say that i was tempted.

clearly she needed someone to help her remove that handcuff.

tonight if you havent heard we’re having a Buzznet Meetup so if youre in town, come on down to ‘t Arendsnest

‘t Arendsnest is at Herengracht 90, 1015BS, Amsterdam.

8pm which is 20:00 oclock if youre scoring at home

but if youre scoring at home i guess i wont see you at the bar.

photo by bicycle mark