sometimes ypour in the game

sometimes you are the game.

ive been coughting and fighting this whatever it is. but i cant say that ium not sick and i cant say i am,. im not as drunk as i should be but its not for a lcak of trying.

sara dan and i spent eight hruours drinking and smoking and rocking and walking and talking and doing all the good things.

it started at 33:0p and its 330a now and im luvimng you texass i know youre trying to beat me down but onw gooed thing about being old is y0u get tuffer. you knw your strneths and weaknessesss but you never know which the right girls are to kiss and the ones you should just hug.

i need a beer a watrr and some bed. nite/

hi babies im back. im black. and im better than ever. its 131p and whatever bug was in me is out. i drank it out of me, i blew it out of me, i poisoned it with rums and rums and baileys and waters. i sweated it out in the pits of tons of bands. i ate it out with tex mex thanks to asher, i walked it off thanks to dan and sara and chris and the pants.

last night at 930p all the medicines were fighting the bug and it made me just want to curl up and sleep the sleep of the just. but im not part of the just. im someone who is trying to be just.

im still looking for something. im still trying to prove myself, im still trying to find that little bit of little leaguer thats angelic and that huge peice of islavista thats wreckless and wild and wanting to walk down the street with a beer and a cheerleader and two smelly fingers.

so at 945p i was walking down 6th street along with so many other people and we found the cobrasnake snakebitten on the street and i took a picture we found tim from popsicko walking down the street so i took a picture i found 3428543894 chicks dressed slutty with their fake bakes so i said hi my name is dumbass and they were all hi tonyypierse and my little party and i chilled out in style at the Driskill hotel which if i ever become a famous writer living in a hotel all creepylike that will be my residence and i will let the ghosts watch me beat off and write and fuck and drink and i will let them in my dreams and i will struggle to be just.

but right now i will eat a snickers for breakfast and tell you abotu the bellrays.

theres a deepness to the souls of black folks thats different from the rest. and theres something even deeper to the souls of black women. particularily black women who are no longer girls but women.

Lisa Kekaula is tina turner returned from the dead. she wears high heels and a tight skirt and picked out her afro as big as she can upstairs at room 710 which is the backstage dressing room slash office at the club that asher owns.

shes a dark skinned nubian princess destined to be queen and the longer it takes her to get their the more emotional and wild and soulful her singing and performances get.

i was lucky enough to catch a show of theirs two years ago at spaceland and i was blown away by the mixture of punk thrash with her soulful vocals. and i was twice as shocked that somehow theyve upped the ante with something that can only be described as heart.

ms kekaula shook her ass, shook her cha-chas got on her knees, jumped on the stage and sang with the people and even bent over backwards to let us in on what soul music is all about while her band kept a steady beat and a tight rock melody. she told us cheer only if we wanted to only if we felt it only if it was true. and then she reminded us that clapping along helped us feel the spirit it helped us get into the groovy it helped us be one with the power of love.

and then she belted out a song that made us keep clapping because we wanted some of whatever that was. and if you ask me, that was the begining of the end to the evil that was inside me. yes i had been excorcised by rock n roll.

after the inpsiring and devistating performance i asked her to pose for a picture with asher and sara and dan and i was so nervous because she is really the real deal and all 50 people who were at the show knew it and the picture turned out blurry because i couldnt think straight and before she left i hugged her. she was sweaty i was sweaty but i did feel the magic and i wanted to hug the source. i had to. and i did.

i thought i was complete after the one-two punch of gogogogo bordello and honky but im often wrong and sometimes its great to be wrong about things.

way more pics of the show here

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