i havent had a great deal of luck lately

with the ladies and im starting to think that now im dating women too old.

to test that theory im taking this one that im not so sure about to the mars volta show at the orpheum. shes lucky its there and not the troubadour like last night because the orpheum has seats.

why am i with people who need to sit down for an hour an a half?

i went to burbank today to look for cameras because i saw this picture of leah that she posed for in texas and i was all, no damn texan is gonna beat me at picture takin!

theres a little brew haha about the tribune company selling the la times and all these other things to another chicagoian.

now in my heart im a chicagoian, but i must admit that what the last ones did to the LA Times was pretty crappy. and i wonder why it couldnt sell the Times separately like theyre gonna do with the Cubs.

my mom called me today to tell me that Bill Murray is rumored to be collecting an investment group to buy the team, and on pardon the interruption there is a buzz about Mark Cuban buying

my team.

may i say that i would like to see murray and cuban work together to make this happen. let cuban be the owner if murray can be president of the team.

i would also ask that whoever buys the team tear down those ridiculous lights.

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