im glad my mom cant see videos

my coachella experience yeterday was prtty shitty. 6 hours to get there. then i had to park far away. then as i approached the gate i realized i had left my tickets in the car, so i had to hike the 2 miles to my car and back. hating everyone and everythign at that point, so coachella didnt really stand a chance.

it tried though. it showed me javis cocker. a place like coachella wouldnt seem like an ideal place to discover new bands since the sound is usually boomy at a big outdoor festival. but when you sing a song called “cunts are still running the world” somehow the message cuts through all the other distractions.

had a chicken on the stick and a beer with sunshine and claire so that was nice. then we saw bjork and gogol bordello. then i found my car, got in, and discovered that the radio had decided to completely not wanna work any more.

so two hour drive home in silence.

quite possibly the worst thing you could ever do to me, a man whose home always has the tv on and the itunes going.

so i devised a plan of attack for my new book that will come out just in time for christmas entiled

motel sex.

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