kelly osbourne told me no last night

everyone pretty much told me no this week. it was pretty spectacular.

but then a few hours ago (its currently 614am) i found my sirius stiletto satelite radio. i found it in a hidden pocket of a new bag i have.

the xbi has been trying to woo me back. so they send me things and fuck with things and basically suggest that things would be better if i was back in black.

things are mellow when youre in the xbi is as much nonsense as having a war to make peace.

so they had sent me this bag for easter and i was all wtf and the card said for the most important holiday, the best bag we’ve created.

wrong. it swallows things and makes you think youve lost them. sure you can store lots of things in it but its too magical. easy on the magic over there.

the jesus and mary chain were eh

scarlett did not show up. instead they used annie from giant drag.

it only took me an hour to drive out there. the traffic was beautiful. everything was beautiful. i couldnt get a date so i just gave my ticket to a dude on a crazy bicycle.

today is coachella. its going to be 100 degrees. so i think i will arrive fashionably tardy.

the best thing that has happened to LAist in April revolved around the Dodgers. We got a gay writer, we got a season ticket holder, and we got the legendary Malingering all to write about the Dodgers and more. its called Dodgers Daily.

update: stereogum is linking my story in LAist and using my vid – horray!!!

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