do you know why i know life isnt fair

cuz even the donnas had to form their own label. dropped by atlantic after “fall behind me” only made a few suits rich, the donnas are doing their own thing now, shunning their donna c, donna s., schtict and now using their real names, the donnas rocked the world famous viper room last night for their album release party of Bitchin’, which drops today.

all day i had said to myself, i hate life. i hate this person. i hate that thing. i hate everything.

i watched the cubs start to win and i said, i still hate everything.

i saw the cubs lose their lead and i was all, i fucking dont have enough middle fingers

i saw the cubs come back 6-4 in the bottom of the ninth to win and i said, ok that was awesome, and went to see the donnas

at the viper

sold out show.

met the beautiful ladies who run the monday nights there.

drank at the bar and someone gave me a free shot of jose cuervo

went up stairs and saw the randies play and fell in love with the lead guitarist because i love italian girls

my computer screen is flickering on and off theres a fly trying to bug me and its doing a good job.

i still dont have enough middle fingers because someone booked me for a panel that expects me in my seat at 8am


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