favorite summer jamz of 2007

#5, kanye west “throw some d’s”

i had the pleasure of experiencing real d’s and fake d’s
not d’s and more than d’s
and even though i disagree with kanyes chorus
its a song that i love, mostly because his rhyming is just so damn good
only recently have i stumbled upon this video and it makes me love it even more.

this song isnt on any album and im not sure you can even get it legally, although thats clearly kanye in the video, which although it has a low budget, is definately professionally made, and clever.

kayne took the Rich Boy single, remixed it beautifully, changed all the words
and turned it from being about “dubs” into boobies and came out with a song
that should be on the upcoming Graduation, but that album is so good it doesnt need it.

he might be cocky, but sometimes theres good reason.

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