i cant even work

im so mad

how is it 1:30pm
how is it that i just asked the greatest questions of all
and the fucking radio thing wouldnt work
how is it that the words coming from the right people
are so wrong
and the words coming from those who are so far away
are so right

who are you i was asked
i have no idea i thought
i thought i was someone cool
but im not.
i thought i was something sorta good
and sorta important
but so not true.

there are very few people who i have trusted in my life
when it comes right down to it.
and by trust i mean shared everything with.
including the concept of trust.

i had two grandmothers who never took excuses.
one did it in a very angry uptight hit you with a purse way
one did it with a look that would slice you in half.

and they would beat excuses out of your head and youd get to a point where
youd just do everything.

all i know is sometimes you dont wanna open up any doors
sometimes you dont want people to shine a light in your dusty corners
you dont want the devil to show you the obvious
which is

youre barely even a blogspot blogger

youre almost a livejournaler.

youre practically nothing.

and when you die

you better hope that you are allowed to have whatever you want on your tombstone

cuz that will be the only thing left for people to remember you by

and if anyone wants to piss on my grave, look for the rocks that look like a huge log of cow shit

that spelt out says

fuck ticketmaster

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