karisa and i drove out to vegas yesterday

we made it through LA fast. we talked and talked as we drove which was nice. its weird that someone ive talked to in some form every day for years still has new things to tell me during a 5 hour drive (and vice versa) but theres always new things to bring up.

our first stop was the Palms to get my press credentials. then we went to the friggn 5 star resort we’re staying at. this place has flat screens, a gormet kitchen, washer dryer, a hot tub thats 24 hours, a great gym, indoor basketball courts, raquetball, gated everything. the place is a dream.

so after we checked in, we went to the gym and worked out for an hour, then showered, got dressed up fancy and hit the Palms for dinner.

we were at this sorta expensive restaurant called NEXO or something. they had a $42 plate of spaghetti that was appetizing. everywhere people were dressed up sexy. karisa had on this short black dress. i had on this black suit with my acdc satin shirt. but noone looks at me when karisa is around – except Mr Drunky, this guy who was sitting in the booth next to us. he was wasted. kept wanting to shake my hand and “party” with us. his brother, his brother’s friend, and the hottie that they were with didnt seem impressed with is behavior.

then he broke a glass and some how evaded getting thrown out. but he kept talking to us, bothering us, finally his brother came over to apologize and got us two shots of “chocolate cake”

after dinner we tried to get into the playboy club but it was $40 cover Each. so we went to this party we had been invited to in this sweet suite that had a pool in it that went out over the edge of the building. there was free vodka a good dj and some cool people.

then we went down stairs to gamble. saw Nelly. he was wearing a yankee hat. i guess thats what he wears when hes undercover. gambled till 4am. and here we are now

waiting for a pizza before we hit the hay.

if i ever leave LA and dont move to isla vista, i hope i end up in vegas.

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