people write me because they think i will care

they think that because im the Editor then that means that im sort of like exactly the same thing as the Assistant Manager at mcdonalds when they get a coke thats flat.

hi, you paid for that coke, you only


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they yell at me and demand things and invoke the ages of their children that theyre protecting and i ask them

“do you demand this much from your government?

do you write your mayor when theres pot holes and smog and bad schools?

do you write your senators when theres no impeachments, more war, more waste?

do you write nbc when they broadcast crappy crap that eats away at your childs brain?

do you write all the food corporations that lie on their food labels by making people think that there are only 270 calories in a can of beefaroni, but oh look at that, they say theres TWO SERVINGS in a basic can of beefaroni, so really it’s a 540 calorie treat that CHILDREN are marketed to

and dont lie and say that your kid only eats a half a can because if someone tried to make me split my bowl of beefaroni with my sister, i would have cut somebody”

and yet these people write a fucking BLOG?

because i had the nerve to put the F word in a headline

after a cia agent used it to describe the president of the united states

after he learned that there were no weapons of mass destruction

and still went to war

and lied about it

Fuck should have been all over the story,

the picture,

the caption, the everything.


“i wont tell you how to raise your kids,

you dont tell me how to run my fucking blog”

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