the rex grossman miss teenage south carolina george bushing of america

when did everyone become so fucking stupid?

when did everyone just totally suck at everything?

present company excepted of course.

nobody can play guitar anymore except jmascis and tsar. nobody can write a good book anymore except my friends. nobody can get on the mic and lead the country except ron paul and hes got as much of a chance of winning as i do.

wheres our hemingways wheres our twains wheres our harry carays? wheres our ben franklins and pt barnums, wheres our marvin gayes and jimis and zeppelins?

people sell out nowadays so fast that it makes you wonder if they even know what theyre doing.

rex grossman is not a super bowl quarterback. everyone knew it. everyone. from top to bottom everyone in the Chicago Bears knew that if you had sexy rexy on the field agaist peyton fucking manning youd lose the Super Bowl, and yet they slouched into bethlehem and got their ass handed to them.

yet here we have sexy rexy back on the team back doing the same fucked up shit back having us bang our heads against the wall. back breaking our hearts.

george bush gets re-elected. we are still in iraq. ryan seacrest gets millions of dollars. miss teen south carolina almost won the whole fucking thing.


how is it that maroon 5 sells milliions of records? how is it that on cbs the grammys hand kelly clarkson a grammy at the same time on fox that american idol is whittling it down to the top 24 and yet more people are watching fox than THE american idol singing her ass off followed by beyonce and prince?

hems generation was called the lost generation but at least they were trying to get somewhere. and at least they were smart enough to get the fuck out of america when america had lost its mind.

we stay here and we do all the wrong things. knowing theyre wrong. we have given up on basic dreams. basic values. we’ve sold out our freedom and bought into fear.

we’re afraid of being alone so we settle for whoevers around
we’re afraid of gays getting married so we fuck them in the polls
we’re afraid that the world hates us for our freedom so we stop being free

america is the leader of the world on many levels and if we continue to suck then the world will start to mimic that behavior too and its all over. who they gonna look up to france?

and who are the american leaders? the rockers, the politicians, and the bloggers.

laugh all you want but the #1 american export right now next to the sugar water and the fast food is the web. and at the top of the charts are american blogs.

dont you understand they love us for our freedoms? dont you understand that when we sell out our hearts they see it and stop believing themselves? dont you understand that if America cant even achieve the american dream then its crushed for everyone else? and i dont mean 2.5 kids and a house with a fridge in the garage, i mean love and crazy magic that comes from that.

if the bears really loved their fans – the ones who have sat out in the cold for decades, rex grossman wouldnt be on our team. and if he was hed have on a baseball cap and be carrying a clipboard. the fans would chant for him in the fourth quarter during a blowout. hed be the peoples choice but he wouldnt be the man.

we allow the lamest people to be the man.


all of us.

and matt good sings
youre gonna get what you deserve
and not a penny less

bible says its easier for a camel to get thru the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven.

because we are attached to the wrong things.

and we’re such liars. saying we’re a christian nation
we dont read the bible and we ignore everything in it when its read to us.
then bitch when someone tells us that we’re not going to heaven.

youre not going to heaven because you hate everything pure on earth
youre not going to heaven because you reject good right here
youre not going to heaven because you dont value love

and heaven is love incarnate. so fuck your whines and fuck your earthly goals.

money is not the way. pretty boy quarterbacks arent the way
dumb blonde beauty queens are not the way.

george bush ryan seacrest maroon five dave matthews

those are your gods

you are the doomed generation

dying to repeat the failures of your parents.

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