they started having happy hour at this strip club

near my house. and theres this one girl who keeps emailing me who lives by me and i kept saying how come you never send me any pictures. no pics make me think youre a dude, or worse.

she said tell ya what hon. i was all, there are very few worse things you can call me than hon. she said i will meet you at cheetahs and if you dont think im hot then you can look at the dancers who are hot.

have i ever told you i love you.

people have asked for more pics from the trip to vegas, specifying more of karisa and one person asked for the worst picture of karisa from the trip and id have to say that this is it.

unfortunately for all of you i took way more video than still images but i didnt know how to get that video off the mini dvd and onto youtube and people were all your cameras broke or dude you can only play it you cant edit it.

and once again i had bought expensive electronics and had been hugely disappointed.

what i need to do is become friends with a camera company. if they only knew what i did for a living and who i work with. all of us could use some good cameras. and if we had the right stuff we could say look at what this camera did and the proof would be in the puddin cuz to the right is a photo from a $1,110 sony camera.

now true the camera could have been as stunned as the photographer was when karisa bounded out of her room to model her new purchase. and i guess theres a story or two about helping her try on party dresses in the outlet stores across the street from whiskey petes at the state line.

but today is saturday and the cubs are on against the cardinals.

and its cubs down by one in the eighth

so i hafta concentrate.

i just wanted to post that horrible picture and this funny exchange between tony snow who is retiring from being the presidents chief bullshitter and helen thomas the long time presidential reporter

Q What’s the U.S. role in all this?
MR. SNOW: Well, the U.S. role is one of working with Israel and, when possible, with the Palestinians to try to generate a peace — the same it’s always been, Helen –
Q Then why is it bankrupting the Palestinians?
MR. SNOW: The Palestinians are not being bankrupted, Helen. What’s happening, as you know, is that there is — Hamas is a terrorist organization. We do not give money to terrorist organizations. What has happened is that this government has tried in a number of ways to make humanitarian aid available to the Palestinian people. We draw a distinction between Hamas, which is –
Q And they were democratically elected.
MR. SNOW: They were democratically elected and they’re still a terrorist organization.
Q By your designation.
MR. SNOW: Yes. Thank you very much, Helen. They are, in fact, by the designation of this government, this administration, and prior administrations. So let me continue my answer.
Q Go ahead.
MR. SNOW: Thank you.
Q You’re welcome.
MR. SNOW: By the way, that’s a nice apple.

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