this month was the weirdest month ive ever had

i was invited by mtv to go to vegas and interview people on the red carpet, i was asked by directv to their emmys party where i danced feet away from paris hilton, i got to interview many people including matt sharp who i asked if i should just give up hoping that he will rejoin weezer, i was possessed by the devil, and then excorcized by the xbi, and then God above came down and blessed not just LAist with the greatest day we’ve ever had, but the Cubs who clinched the playoffs yesterday.

i had very high highs and very low lows. i was so angry at one point that i could feel it in my eyes, and yesterday we had over ten thousand people an hour come to LAist every hour for 12 hours. that was just one of the very high highs.

the weirdness didnt end. yesterday i had to go to a business lunch meeting. usually i avoid those at all costs. but because we had broken all records etc i was all fine.

the meeting went well but the best part was jen from big brother was right there eating with this dude. not only did the dude know who i was because of his friend but jen knew of one of LAist’s photographers.

it was very weird. shes shorter in person. everyone says that about everyone i know. but she was cuter and shorter and it was great to say hi to her and tell her i liked her on the show.

during the meeting however came across a slim possibility of maybe doing something at the greatest house in all of los angeles. and possibly the world.

the scary thing is, this month still has two more days in it. and i sorta dont want to leave the house because ive had plenty for this month already.

these are some of the things i wrote on LAist this month

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+ Todd Marinovich Blames The OC For His Relapse
+ The Secretary Strikes Back
+ The Most Deceptive Sign in LA
+ Is This Where the Fortune Cookie Monster Lives?
+ Ron Paul Delegates Not Allowed to Vote in Texas?
+ Trojan T-Shirt of the Week
+ Pavarotti Finito
+ LA Booker Interview: Chris Diaz of The Knitting Factory
+ Ron Paul Wins Maryland Straw Vote, Fox Debates
+ Bush Knew There Were No WMDs, “Didn’t Give a Fuck”
+ Thai One On: Jao^ka
+ LA Booker Interview: Brian Smith of The Troubadour
+ P. Diddy Owes Me a Party on the Palms
+ MTV 2007 VMA Red Carpet Photo Essay
+ LAist Interviews Common
+ Morning Becomes Eclectic 30th Anniversary Interviews: Gary Calamar
+ White Stripes Cancels Tour Due To Anxiety
+ The Greatest Television on the Internet Ever
+ Griffith Park Observatory Shuttle Fiasco To End?
+ The Most Shocking Picture You’ll See Tonight in LA
+ Thai One On – Thai Patio
+ Flyer of the Week – The Vacation @ The Viper
+ Don’t Tell Your Mom You’re an Atheist
+ The Greatest Story Ever Told: Marcia & Jan Made Out
+ Interview with Matt Sharp of the Rentals
+ The Donnas @ The Viper Room, 9/17
+ LA Booker Interview: Melissa Renee Hernandez of The Viper Room
+ Showtime’s Fountain of Smelly Blood

and my in box was amazing.
so weird.

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