you all might want to take a few weeks off

from the busblog.

seems like the devil has made himself at home in the headquarters.
sux cuz thursday is my mothers birthday and i love her
but im really distracted with the devil sitting right here in my house with me.
fat and red and slimy and smelly.
i knew i was in trouble when i noticed the water from the tap tasted bad.
first thing i do in the morning is ask the girl in my bed to remind me of her name, and then i brush my teeth.
i look at myself in the mirror and say one of two things
how the fuck do you do it or
youre such a fucking loser i cant believe it
and i thank god for being alive
and i bend down and rinse out my mouth.
and the water usually is refreshing and cold and it erases the slate
and begins the day.
but when you start the day with evil in your mouth
and you turn around and you see the devil reading the paper
and people start saying the most ridiculous things to you
and you wonder

did i die again?

am in in hell again?

and all i thought was i cant go hell before i get my mom something for her birthday.

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