guess whos birthday it is today

karisa rockin the red sox shirt
karisa enjoying a beer in santa barbara
karisa and her sister at the dodgers game at chavez ravine against the cubs
karisa preparing to go to the 2007 mtv video awards in las vegas with her pal tony pierce
karisa modeling a black dress that she tried to auction on ebay but eventually gave to charity
karisa in front of her nissan xterra before seeing eminem at the great western forum in inglewood california
karisa showing off a cut she received after falling down in an unfinished loft in los angeles
karisa at a betsey johnson private party at the avalon on vine in hollywood california
karisa enjoying the chicago cubs defeat the los angeles dodgers at dodger stadium in los angeles
karisa modeling a jean skirt, boots and socks on the penthouse rooftop in beautiful los angeles california
karisa enjoying a good laugh at the sunset junction street festival in 2005
karisa modeling her evil belt at her friend tony pierce's home in hollywood california
karisa and her bff kerrie before a red sox dodgers game in los angeles
karisa in the back of a limo on her way to see Zwan at the wiltern in koreatown
karisa in the bleachers of dodger stadium watching gary sheffield at bat
karisa in front of her workplace at the xbi across the walkway from e! entertainment and g4tv on the miracle mile in hollywood california
karisa poolside at her old apartment in hollywood california somewhat hungover from playing too many rounds of allen
karisa when she used to smoke, at the wedding of heather and steve coulter in eagle rock california

karisa was born to carpenter ants in the jungles of brazil back in the ’50s.
she can carry 10times her weight, climb 90degree traverses, and fall from great heights without even a whimper.

ive never met a bigger showoff in my life, and i know some showoffs.

she reads every book sold at borders, she orders the best sushi, and currently shes training for a triathlon, while getting her masters in nutrition.

unlike other fakers who pretend that they dont even Own a tv, karisa watches every channel, while doing yoga, while redecorating her house, while removing mold from her beach home. her favorite shows are on TLC, the Discovery Channel, and Bravo.

she makes her own clothes by spinning silk out of her ass and knitting while on the treadmill.

for a few years she drove a toyota sedan and i called her grandma and now shes back behind the wheel of a 4×4, where she belongs.

karisa can tell you the nationality of any serious dj, she can tell you every morning FM host’s real name and radio name. and she can drink you under the table in a variety of ways while creating a halfway decent fondue.

her favorite blog is the busblog. which is the only reason i love her.

karisa and tony pierce in front of his old hummer at the grove in hollywood california

happy birthday karisa j. allen, second coolest chick i know.

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