i hope i get to keep my job forever and ever and ever

but if i ever have to get a new gig, i hope i get to have joey maloney by my side. in fact, who wouldnt want to go to concert after concert, party after party, interview after interview, and get to talk to the rockers, actors, losers, theives, models, fakers, fuckups and stars and have joey document it all through his magical lens

seven days ago today i was at coachella with rockstars, heroes of the internet, award winning journalists, and a bikini girl named suzie. we stayed in a million dollar house that had a gormet kitchen and a pool and a hot tub and a three mile commute to the rock show.

it was such a great party house that when roger waters’ pig flew past it, it turned around after a while and flew back in order to party with us.

ive met a lot of great photographers. several of whom are my friends and whose skillz helped LAist soar to the next level. but theres something about joeys photographic style that makes me wish that he was there next to me at every cool scene because half the time i dont believe what im seeing myself.

the last day of coachella, after waters pretty much brought the house down, me and suzie tried to avoid the mass exodus by leaving a tad early during the encore. but something very cool went down. two kids started rocking in the parking lot.

they had a drum set, a mic, and a hatchback that provided their music. i held suzies purse as she danced, and i danced my little weird dance. it was so spontaneous and joyful. one last chance to get that energy of three days of rock out of us. a cleansing of the palette.

the kids were named Wallpaper, joey was there, and thats me in the background.

to see all of joeys pics from coachella, click here here and here.

photos by Joey Maloney, used with permission

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