impromptu interview with a lovely canadian

who is still single

Keira-Anne: i got a new swimsuit.
so i whored it off

me: i just saw.
youre a beautiful whore

Keira-Anne: oh thanks

me: your word, not mine

Keira-Anne: i know…i was just saying thanks [smile]
so going retro this summer

me: it works on you

Keira-Anne: thanks

me: im about to give you love on the busblog

Keira-Anne: oh are you?

me: ahahaha

Keira-Anne: p.s. i really hope you come back to vancouver with duane. like, really

me: i made a rule on my last trip that i will only go places where i have a date waiting for me.

Keira-Anne: that’s an extremely gay rule. as IF you couldn’t get laid up here

me: i really wanna have a date with foxxy, but she doesnt write me as much as she used to

Keira-Anne: no? [frown]
not at all?

me: sometimes. via facebook, but i guess im not on msn very much, and all you canadians use that

Keira-Anne: yah we totally do

me: tell me where you got this outfit

Keira-Anne: it’s a swimsuit
by jantzen
their new retro swim collection for ’08
i saw it in vogue and died

me: explain why you would do a shoot like that with the mirror
as opposed via a willing photographer

Keira-Anne: do you know of a willing photographer?
i think there’s a little bit of intrigue to it too – wouldn’t a guy wonder what happens when i shut the camera off?

me: oh yeah.

Keira-Anne is busy. You may be interrupting.

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